Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mothers day outing

Last Saturday we had our Mother/daughter banquet. We went to New Castle to this little tea house. They also had a ton of Greenhouses that you could shop in. the flowers were all just beautiful. It was a little cold, but the ladies really had fun. My mom and Mother-in-law were both there as well as my mother-in-laws Mom, sister and niece. So we all had a great time.
The food was really cute and good...I had Chicken pot pie soup (which was served in a little tea cup) It was wonderful. Then I had a half of a Chicken Fajita wrap with some Kettle potato chips and a pickle. Then for dessert I had a piece of Red velet cake. (It was good, but my mom's Strawberry pie was so much better) And since I don't really do flavored tea's I just had your plain ol' every day tea. but the straws were large pieces of pasta. Well....lets just say I do talk with my hands alot and i hit my straw and it broke and went flying across the room a little ways. My mom and I got quite a laugh out of that.

Regi, here is an idea for what to do with your quilts. I thought of you when I saw all the quilts used as valances on all the windows. I even bragged on you to the ladies on how great your quilting is.


Regi said...
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Regi said...

I am not too sure about my decorating skills, but I do like to quilt.

Mama said...

It was a lovely morning, Sweetie. Thanx for the invitation. Your gorgeous yellow rose bush will make my Mother's Day special. Thank you!!!