Saturday, May 24, 2008

a belated mothers day

This last weekend was Jonathan's Grandma's Suprise 70th Birthday party. I had several pictures, but somehow with playing with my camera....I deleated them all. (talk about upsetting since I also had a cute picture of little Jhonny and my Jonathan togather.)
So here are some pictures after the party with the boys goofing off!!!

Then on Sunday~we had our mothers day dinner. I was so excited and nervous. But all my food turned out even my 21 hour dessert~Berries on a cloud~(it was a big hit)
I didn't get many pictures due to hurrying around the kitchen. But Mom and Dad Thompson were there and Mom and Dad Hilligoss and even my brother's girlfriend Heather Frazier. (mom and dad had picked her up from the airport and were taking her to GBS campmeeting) Here is what all we enjoyed to eat:

Ham, Mac-n-cheese, Sweet potato Casserole, deviled eggs, green beans, rolls, and Broccolie salad

and for dessert PB pie and Berries on a cloud.

( I love to entertain, so when I usually do I go overboard in preparing enough food. But when I do we always have plenty leftovers and I don't have to cook for 3 or 4 days.)

By the way I didn't really post anything for mothers day. But Mom Thompson~ thanks for being a wonderful Mother-in-law. You have always been there for me. Thanks for taking me in as a daughter. I love you!!! And Mama thank you for being such a wonderful example for me to follow. I love you and I am so glad God blessed me with a mom like you. Both you have been through alot this last year and I have watched you rely on God alot....thanks for showing me your steady devotion to God. I love you both!!!


Constance said...

The dessert looks wonderful. I always prepare too much food. But my mom always told me that it is better to have more than enough than not enough at all.