Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A weekend filled with fun

This year we were able to go to IHC on Thursday. I had so much fun. Seeing lots of friends and also getting in on some good services. The Lord really helped me. I hope to one year be able to go to all of IHC. Until I got married I had never missed a year. But with marriage comes change and we can't always go to everything we are used to...plus with Gas being where it is it is impossible. So we usually only go one or 2 days. But some is better than none!!!!!!

Then on Friday night Steve and Devan came to our house and we went out to dinner at Olive Garden. ( gotta love their salad and bread sticks!!!) Then Saturday morning we went to Cincy...to see the reds play. To be honest I get bored easily when it comes to watching sports....but it was a beautiful day and just the right temp, that I even got a little bit of sun. I did enjoy the game for the most part. This is something Jonathan LOVES...so I try to enjoy it for him. I want to do things he enjoys too....since he goes all out for me alot of the time. (just so you know the Reds lost it in the 10th inning and lost by 2)

Ok, as you can tell.....I went a little overdressed to the game. But what was I to do? We had my aunt and uncle's concert to go to that evening and I didn't have anywhere to change. So i just stuck out like a sore thumb. I did change into my heels in the car.

This is about all the pics I got of my aunt and uncles concert due to the fact..."no photography" rule. But I have to say...the building was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! The concert/taping was really great. I was so moved when Courtney sang her song....the Spirit really flowed thru her, and she was moved to tears. I just thrilled in my heart that she is using her talent for God and keeping her relationship with God so real. Here recently I have been thinking alot....God has been helping me so much....but also digging around me alot too. Tears have been flowing alot recently...but at the concert I was moved and knew God was speaking me to that I just need to take his gentle nudgings to move up and do just that MOVE UP!!!! I just finished reading a book that I would recommend to all Married women. By Elizabeth George "A Wife After God's own Heart", this book has made me feel pretty guilty. But also accept that i am humane. I want to post more on the book soon, but that is for later. I am also going to start reading another one of her books "A women after God's own heart." That's all for now.



Greg & Anna's Cubs said...

I was at the concert too. I was touched by Kim. When she talked about adding John Wesley to the list of composers at Music Hall. She is amazing! I read about her in the Gaither magazine. It was a really good article.