Sunday, January 04, 2009

Collingsworth Christmas

Ok, I know I am way behinde in my blogging. So the next few post will be all of my christmas'.

This year and last we have been having Collingsworth Christmas at Kim and Phil's and it has been so much fun. We eat and open gifts and stay up late than most of us spend the night...and then the next morning we have a huge breakfast and just hang out and have a good time.

Here is Aunt Kim's beautiful Christmas tree!

Craziness runs in this family!!!

And let's just say it RUNS REALLY DEEP!!!!

Need I say more?
(I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!! LOL)

Playing scrabble, and having fun burning brain power.

Dani and I getting ready to eat a great breakfast!

(Regi, I missed you...sorry you had to leave)

The fabulous cooks!!

Santa's helper...aka Dudley

Boys will always be boys. (l-r: Will, Micheal, Brent)

Maddie giggling and smiling big for Papaw

Christmas love birds

Holly and Brent

Will and Brooklyn

Micheal and Courtney

Me and my sweetie

Dudley and Lowell
(just to clearify for Lowell's sake....Dudley is the one performing the balancing act on all fours)


Anonymous said...

This Is Leah.Ranke.i found your blog along time ago and we saved it .so I look at once a day. so how are you? and no I dont have a blog. well I nead to go .by

Janella Thompson said...

Hey Leah, I am fine. Busy and Pregnant!!! I think about your family and Nathan and his family often. Is Nathan state side yet...and is he done with the army? I was sad to see Josh didn't come back to Kim there still? I didn't see her at the Christmas program..but I pretty much stuck with my family so I could have missed her. Hope you have a happy new year

Anonymous said...

It is me again.I would like you to keep Anonymous post on so I can write to you. please. Thank's

LJL said...

I'm the Big one, he's the little one.

Janella Thompson said...

leah, if you want to e-mail me you I will keep this on for a few day and then I will delete this comment.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank's Janella