Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to a special little boy

I would like to make a special post to a little boy who a Year ago Friday...made his way into Jon and I's lives. On Dec 19, 2007 after a scary evening with your mommy and daddy, you came mid morning into this world. Jonathan Keith Jr. after your daddy. I remember wishing it wasn't Wednesday night, because I wanted to see you that night...but due to getting off work late and then church. Visiting hours in the "Nic Unit" were over. So thankfully I had that Thursday off...and after a stop at Starbucks for mommy's special drink I hurried my way to the hospital to see you. Later that day or the next Jonathan made his way to see you. It was hard seeing you hooked up to some of those tubes and machines. But you were a strong little guy. And about 3 weeks later you finally got to come home. One of your first outings was to OUR HOUSE!!! Boy we had fun!! I am suprised between me and Lizzie that you don't see constant flashes before your eyes with all the pictures we took of you.
Buddy, it has been fun watching you grow and I can't believe your 1!!!! You have taught me alot about babies. And now that I am going to be a mommy myself I am glad for the lessons I have learned from you. I hope you and my little one are friends....but if it's a girl YOU BETTER NOT BREAK HER HEART!!!!
We Love you...and here is a special Photo Blog just for you.
Your mommy patiently waiting your arrival
An early arrival and a rough start...but being a trooper at 1 day old

2 days old..."World I am here to stay"

"Precious little one it didn't take long for you to work your way into our hearts!!"

Being a 1 month old sure is tiring!

Jonathan having a man to man talk with "his little buddy" (1 month and 2 days)

1 month (note the jolly-rancher in his hand)

UH huh...you know the Chicks do!!! (2 months)

Look at my chubby cheeks! 2 months

Cuddling with "Uncle Jon" and the "Colts"
2 months

UPS employee in training at 2 months

"Put'em up dude I am one mean 3 month old."

One cool dude at 4 months

My little prince at 5 months

OH! Sucking on your fingers is a NO! No!

comfy and cozy and 6 months

8 months and enjoying Grandma's attention!
Yipee! My new favorite toy SHOES!!!
A new look for me. What do ya think??

A favorite present from Nana and Dado

My favorite baby sitter Sherilyn

yummy icing

Yea! I love cake

Happy 1st Birthday Johnny, "Aunt" Nella and "Uncle" Jon love you so much and have been thrilled to see you grow! You are getting so big. And even though you are not ours you have still taught us so much about children. Thank you Caroline and Jonathan for letting us share in your joy of being in Baby Johnny's life! Johnny we hope you grow to be a big boy who loves Jesus with all his heart.


Caroline said...

Okay, I so had to take my time reading that so I could wipe back the tears and sniff the snot :P That was so sweet Nella, I absolutely loved it!

Katressa said...

Im zesty at home...its work that annoys me lol guess that what I get for working around sick people & working with all women.....LOL