Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Update on Grandpa

A quick update.....Grandpa is sleeping. They have turned up his oxygen pressure. But the nurses are happy with his vitals....even though his heart rate is rather high. (at least higher than this morning and afternoon. It was 104-110....and its now 135-145 and topping out at 150 at moments.

One thing God really worked out. He woke up this afternnoon and everyone was pretty much able to hug him and tell him they loved him. He first asked for "His Bride" so grandma quickly went to him with the aid of a nurse. Then when all of us were in the room and hall We sang "I love you Lord" and "Lord Prepare me" IT was a very special moment....that may be our last unless God undertakes. Later Grandpa even tried to sing along at times. He was just enjoying God's prescence and the prescence of his family. Where he is placed in ICU there are no other patients around him and the nurses and staff have given us free pass to see him and as many as want to at a time. I believe that Grandpa is ready to take his place in God's Kingdom....if God should take him.

Jonathan was able to make it here after work so the only grandkid that basically was unable to come has been Brandon. (due to being at GBS)

Continue to pray...we are getting ready to leave here soon. Grandma is staying at the hospital just 2 rooms down from him. Pray for strength for her. She seems to be strong for now....with her moments of weeping. I pray that God will give him healing or give him a peaceful passing.

I will update tomorrow.
Thanks so much for your prayers!!!!


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