Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our night wih Jonny Jr.

Well, the night started off ok. Other than I had some kind of stomache flue and felt pretty bad. When he got there he and I played around for awhile. Then we sat at the piano and he banged around on it while I sang. Then he would try to change the page on the hymnal....then go back to banging on the key. It was pretty cute.
When Jonathan got home, Jonny got a little scared of him...and he was a bit fussy due to being hungrey. So we got ready and headed to McD's. Jonny ate pretty well. He loved dipping his fries in Jonathans Honey Mustard sauce. We had to learn that we couldn't just let him keep stuffing his mouth full...because he might get choked. After a bit of shopping we knew we needed to get him home and to bed, because he was really tired and fussy. So we got him a warm bath and lots of bubbles. It was really fun until I got really sick, so I pulled the plug on the tub (which only had water to his belly button) and yelled for Jonathan while I went into our adjoining bathroom and got sick. ONLY thing Jonathan didn't hear me...but he still walked into the bathroom and poor Jonny was crying and shaking from being cold. I felt awful...but also learned that being a "Mom" doesn't stop even when your sick. Thankfully I never ran a fever, but I tried not to hover on him, just so I didn't make him sick.

After his night bottle Jonathan helped get him to sleep. Actually Jonny kept crying when I was trying to help becuase he wanted me. But when he couldn't see me, he would calm down for Jonathan. So I laid down in the bed while Jonathan put him on a pallet on the floor and rubbed his back and he went right to sleep. I think Jonathan was pretty proud of himself..and I was too. Then in the middle of the night I leaned over Jonathan to check on Jonny...and he was GONE!!! I bumped Jonathan and said, "did you move Baby Jonny?" He was like "no" I freaked out! I jumped out of bed and stumbled around the bed a bit in a panic. I kept looking at the empty pallet and could not see him, then noticed that he had rolled off the pallet and was half way under our bed!!! My heart finally stopped beating so hard and I picked him back up and put him on the pallet and he bearly stirred!!! But it took me awhile to calm down.
The next morning we got him up about 9. He had slept so well and he was pretty quiet in the morning...but he didn't cry that much as long as he could see me

Jonny playing with Jonathan

YUMMY OATMEAL!!!! Jonathan getting in practice.

After awhile he got bored with eating and tried to feed Jonathan part of his muffin.