Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Growing, Growing!!!!!

4 weeks
9 weeks

just shy of 19 weeks

20 weeks ( and yes I was sick that day...hence the bowl)

22 weeks

Over all I have done well with this pregnancy. I have not really thrown up at all other than when I had the Stomach flu at about 20 weeks. I also lost several ponunds at the beginning...and I am just now gaining it back. So I haven't REALLY gained any weight yet. (I am hoping that I won't get HUGE!!!!) I have still stayed queasy on and off. So I have a feeling it's going to hang around the whole time. Katelynn is becoming quite active and loves to do flip flops. She is getting more active and more times of the day now too. Jonathan has NOT felt her kick yet...and it may be a little while, due to the fact that my placenta is in the front instead of at the top like it should be. They say that is should move...and if it doesn't it will just mean a C-section for me. I go for another ultrasound in March.
Another thing I am finding out is people love to give all kinds of "NICE" advice. I appreciate tips and info...don't get me wrong. But A nice women told me that I needed to be careful about crossing my legs and ankles. Because some family member of her's didn't follow that info and when the baby was born the cord was wrapped around its throat and the baby died! I wanted to say, "and this is supposed to help me HOW!!!!!" She kind of freaked me out. So I talked to the doctor and he said, "No worries just do what is comfortable for you."
I had been having alot of dreams awhile back. Pretty wacky ones too!!! Like one , that a girl fire breathing dragon had Jonathan and I trapped in a trailer....and she had a crush on Jonathan and kept trying to look thru the windows at him and wanted me out of the way...but then the dragon turned into my nephew Devan! CRAZY!!!! For now the dreams have subsided, but we will see if they come back.


Becky said...

Great to see your doing well. As for the women telling you things it's a passing down the torch kind of thing I think cause in the old days they thought you couldn't do hardly anything. It's like the story of the lady cutting her ham into before putting it into the pan. It was because her mother did it that way and the mother before that. And when asking the great grandmother why? She just said she didn't have a pan big enough! We do some of the craziest things just because.

Leah said...

Looking good Janella! I can't believe how much Katelynn has grown in there since I saw you last!

Sharra said...

You look so cut with your baby bump. Glad everything is going good for you.