Saturday, February 07, 2009

Getting ready for Katelynn

Here is just a little bit of a start that we have on getting ready for Katelynn Nicole to come into our home.
Her bed....that used to be my nephew Devan's. And the pack and play is inside the bed. We had a little bit of warping on the bed due to the heat where it was stored. But after being in our consistant temp, and putting the pack and play inside the crib to level it out. And all was fixed!!! Thanks Steve for the great deal you gave saved us a bundle and I am sure Katelynn will be comfy in the bed.
A cute jean skirt and jean jumper and shirt. (Once upon a Child)

Our wonderful deal on a snow suit from Jc Pennys. Reg $49.99 we paid $7.00!!!!

Hopefully her July 4th outfit. (once upon a child...I think $3.50)

Sorry this pic didn't get turned...but its late and I need to hurry.
Jumper (Once upon...) and shirt from (baby Gap, a daddy buy. It says "If you think I'm cool you should see my dad")

This little dress is daddy's favorite.. he picked it out at "Once upon a child" it still had the tags on it. We paid 8.00 I am not sure what reg. price was, due to just the name brand "Thompson". It is actually a little sundress...and I bought a little sweater to go over it. I am not TOTALLY thrilled with the combo..but if we use it for her dedication dress like Jonathan wants to, (IF IT FITS..I am afraid it will be to big.) I want her to have sleeves in her dress. (you can't really tell..but it is butter yellow and has light pink and blue embroided flowers on the overlay)

Pink sundress, jean jumper and the little dress is from our Pastor's wife.

This little sleeper is VERY special. After both my grandparents on my mom's side had passed we went over to their house right after Papaw's funeral. We cousin's were just kind of picking out some stuff that we wanted, just little tangibles that reminded us of "nanny and Papaw" This was hanging in the closet. I was not even close to being pregnant..but I asked if I could have it, so that our baby could have something from its "late" great-grandparents. I hope to let Katelynn wear it a few times and pass it on.

Some frilly dresses for our little princess

Some shirts that we bought before we knew what we were having.

Some warm comfy sleepers.

Gold outfit (once upon...), pink blanket (from lady at my work) Santa outfit (macy's $2.90!!!)

Katelynn's bedding

The quilt


Constance said...

I love the outfits. They are so cute. And the bedding is ADORABLE!

Regi said...

cute quilt!

Katressa said...

Arent girls fun to buy for?!?!

Stephanie said...

So cute and fun! Love the name, too! :) It's hard to find any personalized stuff with two n's on the end, but my middle name is Lynn, so that is how my "Kaitlynn" came about. Enjoy the next few months! They'll fly by!

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