Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A bit of trivia for you....about a guilty childish pleasure of mine!

Since I was probably 9 or so...I have enjoyed listening to a certain series of stories. Either on the radio or on tape and eventually CD. The characters become real to I saw them every week. I imagined them in my head, what they looked like and so on. There was hardly a night that we kids didn't go to bed with a tape being played. We measured most of our trips in the lengths of tapes. Every Christmas or birthday a new album of 6 BRAND NEW tapes made its way into our house. By the weeksend we had listened to all of them several times. And it gets worse, for my college graduation gift from my "to-be-Husband" I asked for several of the albums. (Because I knew I was getting married and I wanted some of the albums that were my brothers to be mine. YES I WAS/AM ADDICTED.) You can imagine the look on Jonathan's face when I asked him for that gift. (he is not a FAN.) If you haven't guessed what series it is by's "Adventures in Odyssey". Here lately at work I have been at a since I don't listen to them that much anymore I brought my radio in and have been listening to the old episodes. It's amazing how much of it I remember. I started thinking it might be interesting to find via. a little trivia if there are other "old-timer Odyssey fans" out there in "blogger" world. (that is if your not to embarrassed to admit that you are...or you can cover it with the fact that you know the answer because your kids listen to it.) Now mind you...most the questions are from older episodes....I haven't kept up with some of the newer ones. (but I hope to soon.)

Post your answers on my comments...and I will post the correct answers soon.

1. Which employee was hired first Connie or Eugene?

2. What noise do you hear when somebody comes into Whit's End?

3. What was the first adventure that was taken in the Imagination Station...and who was the rider?

4. Who are Connie and Eugene's boyfriend and girlfriend? (in the older episodes.)

5. What is Whit's wife name?

6. What important job did Tom Riley have in the community?

7. What were the two Blackard brother's names?

8. What is Bart Rathbones store name?

9. What was the name of the computer program that Whit created that caused problems with Richard Maxwell and Dr. Blackard?

10. What is the name of the camp the kids spend the summer at in Odyssey?

11. Which Father went back to school late in life to become a minister? (BONUS: What are his 2 kids names and then his 3rd child that came along in later episodes.)

Ok there it is....maybe you can shoot me an interesting trivia question too.
(sorry if this is silly, I just thought it would be interesting.)


Dani said...

Haha..this is great! I will maybe try to answer some a little later when I have time :) Although I don't think I know very many of them!

Leah said...

My kids love odyssey too. I called Clayton in here and I think he knew all but one or two. Amber tried to guess at the others. Do you have the Odyssey game, Answer that? If not, you would probably REALLY enjoy it. I've not been as involved as the kids, but the game is really cool. It's a board game, but you use the computer along side of it. I'm not sure these are all correct, we'll be anxious to find out.

1. Connie
2. The bell
3. Digger Digwillow about Jesus dying on the cross. (don't know the title)
4. Mitch and Katrina
5. Jenny
6. Mayor
7. Edwin and Regis
8. The Electric Palace
9. Applesauce
10.Camp What-a-nut
11. George Barkley (Donna, Jimmy, Stewart

Janella Thompson said...

WAy to go Leah!!!! 100% Or way to go Amber and clayton. I have seen the game...and I would like to get it eventually. I can see the eye rolling with my husband. Thing is I would have to have some one to play it with. I guess I could chanllange my brothers at the game.

Janella Thompson said...

The episode name was "Imagination staion I and II"

Regi said...

well i got some of them anyway - leah stole my thunder though!

LJL said...

And the #1 episode of all time..."Aloha Oy". That's a great one. When Bart says, "We're goin' wid' yas". And, "Doris, you took a bag?" Doris asks, "Pork rinds, anyone?"
You see, I had to listen to a bunch of them on vacations, too. The driver has to stay awake somehow.

Janella Thompson said...

I have to say that is one of my favorites too. I love the "Aloha Oy" song. Very funny. And Doris and the pork rinds, who could forget that!!

Stephanie said...

Haha! That's hilarious! My dad (55 years old) STILL has to have his daily AIO fix (4:30 p.m. on our local Christian station). I really like it, but Greg didn't grow up as a fan (he was geographically close to Uncle Charlie & the Children's Bible Hour - totally boring in my opinion :)) so I haven't listened to it regularly. We do buy the cd's for the kids. They make trips so much more bearable!

Beth Stetler said...

We always listened to Odyssey! I love Aloha Oy and Mr. IOWA! :-)My 2scariest moments in Odyssey are when the guy on the phone whispers, "BEWARE," and when the "Indian" starts hollering on "The Curse." :-)

Mom said...

Janella, remember when the first Mr Whit passed away and they announced it on the program? Brandon was a little boy and he got sooo upset...ruined his day. He was traumitized and said he'd never listen to Odyssey again!!! Of course that didn't happen!