Saturday, February 28, 2009

Katelynn's Room

We've been on vacation this week and we've been able to get done with alot in the baby's room. We also made her a cuddly little bear...thanks to Sarah, at our church, and her gift card.
Twinkie, will be awaitng company.

The ceder chest. I am going to get a "Dad" frame still and I want the wooden words that say baby to put in the middle.

Chest of drawers. (nothing has been put on wall yet.)

Small bedside Chest at the end of her bed. (her bedding has butterflys and roses and flowers on it. So I think the iron butter fly and the rose are quite fitting.)
Also that is her sound machine from Uncle Brandon.

Pretty Pink and Off white walls. (Thank you Daddy (jonathan) and Grandma and Papaw Thompson!!!)

There will be more once the curtains are hanging right....and we get the dresser...and the wall decor put together.
(I will post pics of our anniversary date later. We are off to have dinner with some of Jonathan's old highschool friends.)


Regi said...

cute pics

Dani said...

Looking good

Becky said...

Lookin'good so far.

Jenna Dewhurst said...

It's so fun watching you guys be so excided!! Congrats! Looks Good!