Saturday, February 14, 2009


8 years ago we had our 1st Valintines day "togather". I say it like that because we were not really a couple yet! We had just gone to a Valintines banquet on Feb 8...and realized then that there might be more than just a friendship interest there.
So when Valintines day came we exchanged gifts. I got him a teddy bear and some chocolates. And he got me 2 yellow roses (from the class that was selling them at school) and a cute Kim Anderson figurine of a boy and a girl kissing. (it was one that I wanted and somehow in one of our converstaions it had come up, and he remembered.) I was reading thru some old love letters a few weeks ago....and in one he told me he had been so nervous about that figurine..afraid that he would chase me off with that gift. (well you can see he didn't!!) That night (it was a Wed.) we went to Steak n Shake with some my youth group at my church and some dorm kids. I remember being so happy....and realizing more and more that I wanted this to be more than just friends. (I will explain more why it wasn't just yet next week, in my anniversary post!)
From that Valintines day to this life has been exciting and I have realized more and more that I am glad that God somehow put us togather. Jonathan has been my patient, stable ground. He loves me inspite of my mistakes and my outbursts. He may get frustrated but we always seem to get back on trak...after much talk. He is a far better communciator than I am...and he is patient with me while I try to do better. He has been an increidible worker and provider...and is even learning to work more around the house. I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT!!!!!!
Baby, Happy Valintines Day....I love you and I thank your for being a Wonderful husband to me and I have no doubt that you will be an incredible Father. You mean the world to me...and
"Only God could love you more than I do!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Awww! Sweet words for your hubby! Thank God for giving us great spouses! Jason

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Becky said...

Aww you made me cry!! I think I'm getting OLD!!! lol