Monday, January 05, 2009

Dad Thompson's side for Christmas

We had Jonathan's dad's side Christmas at his Aunt Ellen and Uncle Bob's this year instead of at Grandma and Grandpa's. We had a huge which I think I enjoyed more of my mother-in-law's sugar cookies than anything.
The tree and all the goodies!!!

Jon's cousin Becca and her boyfriend Andy. He drew her a picture of them and framed it for her Christmas gift. It was a really great drawing

Steve is a little anxious to open Stockings
A rare occasion that I catch Grandpa

My wonderful in-laws

One funny thing about this Christmas. That morning Jonathan came in and told me Grandma Thompson would not be there at Christmas. I was like, No way, really? He was like, "yep, she's in the hospital" (or something to that effect) I was a little in doubt...but knew it could be possible because his grandma is not in the best of health. He than continued...."yeah...last night she was coming home and got ran over by a Reindeer!!!! " (That's just to tell you what and who I live with. But he does make me laugh and smile...after I smack him! LOL)