Thursday, February 21, 2008

a very blessed 5 years

5 years ago today I was a nervous, anxious bride!!! I don't know that I ever dreamed that married life would hold so much excitement, cherished memories, dark valleys, moments of true bliss, silly moments, moments of God truly pouring his blessings on us.
Thank you Jonathan for being such a wonderful Husband. I truly believe God handpicked you for me. I feel we complement each other well! My weakness' are normally your stong points, your weakness' are your strong points. We have had 5 wonderful years...I pray we have many more wonderful years.

Jonathan was able to see and wave to President Bush when his motorcade came to Indy.
2 Bathrooms are a must for us, it amazing how we both need to go at the same time.
(in our old house we use to race for the bathroom when we got up in the morning or whenever we got home.)
Asking him to many times to do something doesn't always mean that it will get done.
I am more forgetful now than I was before we got married.
Jonathan was able to go to one COLTS game. (truly a highlight for him, since He loves the Colts)
We joined "Central Weslyan Church"
SHOCK!!!! We are both on the board...Me as Secretary...Jonathan as a trustee
I had never been to Chicago before we got married and since than I have been to Chicago 3 or 4 times.
We were able to go back to Florida as a second Honeymoon Nov. 2006
We enjoy walks on the canal
We became friends with Jonathan and Caroline and have had many adventures with them
We have had a few winter "getaways" Sybris....and Gatlinburg with Regi and Jay.
One day we will have Kids...Jonathan is not as anti-kid as you think. You should see him with little Jonny Jr. Robbins.
HERE'S to many more adventures

I love you!!!! 14344342!!!!!!!!


Mama said...

Happy Anniversary, Jon and Jan. Five years ago, today, was a beautiful and exciting day for our whole family. Blessings on your walk together with God. I love you, both.

Jackie said...


Congrats!! you guys always look like you have fun. I enjoy reading your blog. Randy and I just had our 27th anniversary. There are 27 reasons I love him on my blog...
I appreciate how you are so grounded in your relationship with Jesus.

Greg & Anna's Cubs said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize that you guys were married the same year that we were. We will Celebrate five years on April 19th.

Tim and Kristina said...

Congratulations! It is amazing how fast time goes by. Tim and I will be married 6 years in June....wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!

Brenda said...

Congrats on your 5-year anniversary!