Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To my dear sweet Valentine!!!

Of all things that my husband beats me at....blogging an Valentine was not something I figured he would be me at. But if you click the link on my blog to go to his you will see he beat me to it.
But baby, I still love you so much and these last 8 Valentines day have been just wonderful. I am so glad that God saw fit to allow our lives to cross and become each others Valentine.
I love you!!!!!
Here was our first Valentines day "Togather" at Steak n Shake with friends. We were actually just friends but had our first date just 10 days later and became an official couple.

URAQT!!!!!!! (LOL)


Regi said...

That last pic is definitely cute!

loree2000 said...

Love is a WONDERFUL thing!