Saturday, February 09, 2008

Events of our life...better late than never

Better late then never...Here is the Little man on the night of his big baby shower Jan 27. I just love his little suit. (note the hankie in his pocket, and you can't see it in this picture but he does have a tie. Also I love the pin striped pants.) He is a little heart breaker.

Here he is with the oldest person in our church...Esther Richardson. The youngest and the oldest in the church.
Here he is smiling....or maybe he is just passing gas. Probably just gas knowing him. He is a pretty tooting little baby. So cute at times...but he doesn't think so when his little tummy just hurts him from it.
The Party Animal is just all tuckered out. (and yours truly put him to sleep) I will say after this picture...I helped change him into pjs and a dry diaper and boy did he scream and cry. Mommy had to cuddle him back to sleep. (note the beautiful hand crocheted blanket a shower gift from "my Jonathan's" aunt Carylon. I am excited she has promised me one whenever we decide too have one.)
Jan 31 we went and picked up The crew about 10 a.m we headed to a new pancake restraunt for brunch. It was delicious. We all got chocolate chip pancakes and My hubby got this HUGE apple pancake. (no pic sorry) We just hung out went shopping and had fun. Jonny was pretty good. Just fussy at night due to gassy tummy.
Caroline and I splurged and got a foot massage thing from Bath-n-Body. And we did face masks. Our husbands made fun of us....but boy did we feel pampered when we were done.

This was the time they left our house. Friday morning at about 6:30 or closer to 7:00. Lets just say Friday didn't really exist for any of us. Well Maybe Jonny. He slept and ate and messed his diaper...burped all over...slept and ate and pooped again. Lets just say I got some Mommy 101. Not to bad but realized those times between go by really fast and if I was trying to sleep. It would seem like just minutes. I just love that little boy and hope one day soon I will have my own child. But that is for another time. Jonathan always teases that it will be in the next 20 years. But has warmed to the whole baby thing since little Jonny has ben born. So we will see.