Friday, November 09, 2007

A few more pics from the dunes

Ok I know these are a few weeks old...but I have been having fun playing with them. I also just got a photoshop on my computer and haven't got it quite figured out. I fixed these on Picasa. Which those of you that like to mess with your pics on the computer you should check out Picasa. It is a free download to your computer. I really enjoy it. And a computer dummy like me can figure it out. Now I just got to find out how to work Adobe easy feat for me.
I hope here soon to have some more updated topics and pictures. But until then enjoy! And have a blessed weekend. I am going Christmas shopping!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!
By the way Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for you kind comments. We had fun taking these pictures and after playing with some of them I am going too still have a hard time choosing the ones to put up in my house. Oh well most of them will probably find there way into my scrapbook.

OH, LA la Kissy face!!!!
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Carrie said...

Love the pictures.

Believe me, Adobe Photoshop is NOT a cakewalk! I couldn't even understand the "Dummies" book!!! :o

mom said...

You look like my mother in the second to the last pic, especially your mouth!! Did you ever think you looked like "Nanny"?