Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My happily ever after!!!!

It was Feb 21, 2oo3.....I woke up early. It was a cool, crisp winter morning. The ground was covered with patches of snow. This day was different from any other morning. I had butterflies in my stomache as I dressed. And everytime I glanced at myself in the mirror I couldn't help but bursting into a smile. This was my WEDDING DAY!!!!!! Out in the yard was a large sign that my dad had put up that said "My little angle is getting married today!!!"
I headed with my bridesmaids down to a little cafe and as we sipped on hot chocolate and munched on muffins we talked and giggled about all the memories. After that we headed to Kroger and picked up the baby's breath for my flowergirls hair and a few snacks. Then off to the reception site...we walked in and it was beautiful. The tables were set up with white tableclothes, and balloons, with floating candle centerpieces, with mirrors set just so the light from the candle would reflect a romantic glow. Chocolate kisses were set in a circle just waiting for the guest to indulge themselves. The cake was erected as I stood watch. A beautiful white cake with wreaths of white icing roses laid across the top and a fountain surrounded by lavender roses stood in the middle. My cousines and I helped finsh the white bags that contained little tea lights which would soon be placed along the side walk a few hours later. I was getting more excited as I headed to the church.
Back in my little dressing room I nervously began to ready myself for the next few hours that would change every part of my existing life. Emotional would be an understatement of how I felt. My best friend who was also my maid of honor began the task of getting my hair ready. As I sat looking at myself I thought soon I am going to be able to see clearly the end of a dream I had many times in my life. The grooms face at the end of the aisle. I became anxious as I stepped into my total dream dress. My mother helped me into the slimming sleeves that poofed at the shoulders, And slowly zipped up my dress. I looked down at the front of beautiful yet delicate pearl designed front. As my mom adjusted my pearl tiara, fluffed the veil and finally smoothed down my close to 10 ft train where roses trailed down the back. I felt like a princess waiting for her prince charming. When my dad first saw me he choked back tears. I couldn't wait until I was to see my to be husband!!!! Finally I was already for pictures, I waited nervously at the front of the church. Finally I saw him....my best friend, my boyfriend, my soon-to-be, my Groom. He looked so good. He stood at the edge of the plateform and whispered, "you look so beautiful" We had our few private moments where we exchanged Bibles and some private words. Then we were whisked off into a tirade of pictures.
Finally, I was behinde closed doors with my bridesmaids. I kept tearing up, the fact that I soon would be walking out to a church completely full of approx 4oo family and friends was scary and thrilling. My dream day was slowly unfolding. The first strains of "Forever In Love" began and slowly my bridesmaids left the room. Then the first verse of "Butterfly kisses" began and slowly my cute little cousines made their way down the aisle. Then my flower girl began her trek down the aisle, dropping the rose petals. (some of which were given to me during my dating years from my lovely groom Jonathan) The doors where quickly shut as the song continued, dad and I took our places behinde those doors. A special moment was when my brothers, just before they opened the doors, both leaned forward and whipered, "I love you sis" and kissed my cheek. So the refrain was sang,"She'll change her name today...." At that moment they opened the door to reveal myself and dad. The feeling of excitement that swept over me...was beyond anything I could describe. Tears filled my eyes as they swept over the crowd and noticed many loved ones. (I learned later the little boy, I took care of, as soon as he laid eyes on me told his mom," A Pin-cess, mommy") And finally laying my eyes on Jonathan and knowing in a moment my hand would be in the one that I will spend the rest of my life with. The moment came quickly and soon I was side by side with my best friend. My voice began strong and cracked with emotion as I began, " I Janella take thee Jonathan to be my lawfully wedded Husband!" The realazation of those words as they were being spoken can only be understood, in it's fullnes , by one that has stood in the same place and looked into the eyes of a soon to be lover and said it to them with the same passion!!!! (Regi, your moment is coming) Probably the most revrent moment of all was when we joined hands and bowed our heads and our hearts and talked to the 3rd person of our marriage!!!! God's presence was felt and I was humbled that He choose to show himself at our wedding, but what a perfect and right way to start a marriage. Finally I heard the words "Mr and Mrs Jonathan Thompson" THRILL ran thru every part of me. And then the tender kiss, that was quite short due to the fact of my shy husband!!!!
Thus began the start of my Happily ever after!!!!! I have had many adventures, some of which I will share in the future. One was just last April, as we stood watching 2 of our friends pledge their lives to each other. I looked across at my husband of 3 years and saw so much love radiating from his eyes and I knew once again that God had given me the best man possible. I love you Sweetheart with every fiber of my being and I want to grow old with you, I am blessed that God has allowed our lives to be shared!!!!


Mama said...

I relived your beautiful day as I read the blog. It was really neat seeing it through your eyes. May you have happiness, always!!!

Love you -- Mama