Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I said "YES"

The year is 2001 and I was walking out of the Smith mermorial building with my friend Jill, when I saw 2 of my good friends Jonathan and Andy. We talked for awhile and the topic of the up coming Valentines banquet came up. I found that Jonathan was opting to work that night instead of attending. As I started to walk away as the conversation was ending I called him a party popper and tossed the comment over my shoulder, "you should come and just be my date" ( I know your thinking "Flirt" or "your bold" I know, I get it from my wonderful daddy) I ment it in a very innocent way, just to get under his skin and make him want to come. I was as far away from serious as could be. But as I headed towards the dorm my friend said, "Where you serious?" I said "NO!!! Why did I sound that way???" Little did I know the same conversation was going on between Andy and Jonathan. I worried my head off that he would think I was such a big flirt!!! At this point I didn't really like him as anything more then a dear friend. Although he was a boy, and single and quite good looking!!!! When He stopped me in the hall a few days later I already knew what he was going to ask. "Where you serious the other night?" I quickly answered "No, I am sorry I was such a flirt. But I still want you to go to the banquet. Everyone is going and you will miss out on so much fun." Jonthan then turned and said, "Well are you going with any one??" I said "no" At this point my heart was pounding so hard. He then proceeded to ask me to be his date. I have to say the next few days I was a happier girl. Finally Feb 8, 2001 came I was met by a very handsome man dressed in a black suit with a red and black silk tie. I had a silver skirt and red sweater with a black and red rose scarf tied at the neck. My hands were shaking so bad when I went to pin on his flower. Jonathan being the tease he is yelped "ouch!!" I fell for it!! It was a beautiful date. I had a wonderful time. At the end of the lovely evening my wonderful date expressed that he wanted to see me again. I told him I wanted time to think. So I did, but in the mean time we spent alot of time togather. On Valenties day I got a yellow rose delivered to me, from my wonderful friend. Then when I went to my room I found another small gift. THen after church that night Jonathan and several friends went to Steak-n-Shake, he took me out to his car and gave me a Kim Anderson figurine that I had wanted for a long time. Finally after many nights laying in bed thinking about our friendship and wondering what it could mean and what it could become, I came to the relazation that Jonathan was in my thoughts alot and that I was beginning to think of him as more then a friend. So Feb 24, we headed downtown for our first date. I was so chatty to the point that Jonathan finally stopped me and said, "Are you nervous?" I WAS. We ate at the mall food court and went shopping a little then we headed down town and walked around the circle. It was there we shared our first kiss. Sweet and innocent is how I would describe it. That date began a life long journey of fun, love, friendship and a relationship beyond my wildest dreams. Finally Oct 6, off the beaten path in a little park that we called "Ours" Jonathan asked me to be his wife. I was thrilled. With tears in my eyes I said yes. (MORE TO COME!!!)


Regi said...

AWWWWW!!! how sweet! I love reading these kinds of stories!