Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Unexpected meeting or God Ordained event?

I was headed towards the court house about my normal afternnoon courtrun and rounded the corner onto Market St. There was a young very pregnant girl staring at me with her big brown eyes. I was trying to kind of avoid her eyes due to the many people asking for spare change to make the bus to see their little girl whom they have not seen for 2 years and is dying from cancer. Well she stopped me and said, "I think I know you, did you used to go to a church in Noblesville?" "Ashley??" I said. ( Let's rewinde about 6 years.)

At a house somewhere in Noblesville was a young girl about 13 years old. We stopped and went up the creaky stairs and met a slightly disheveled man whose eyes showed he had seen alot in his life time. It was then I fist met Ashley. She was a spunky, vibrent young girl who during our time together had made her way into Juvinial detention a few times. She really had a good heart but couldn't seem to put that in front of her fists. She was lacking a mother in her life. Her mother had just died shortly before we met her. We soon, as many Jr. Chruch kids, lost contact of her.

(Flash back to present) Yes, I am Ashley!!! I couldn't believe I remembered her. Neither could she. After a big hug and a how are you, she stepped back and grinned and pointed to her extended belly. I asked her how far along she was, she said she had about 5 weeks to go. Then I met her "baby's daddy", lets just say I didn't trust him. That night I couldn't help but wonder about the reason behinde why I had run into Ashley. Did God have something behinde this???

The next few weeks I saw Ashley at her favorite hang out place, "Starbucks"!! She rearely bought anything, just hung out at the table out in front. No job and I soon found out, no place to live, just getting money from whereever and staying the night at hotels. My heart went out to this girl, yet I was angry at the same time that she didn't seem to be doing anything about this baby!!! I fianlly got a little gift togather for this "little boy". A cute little blue hoodie with animals on the front. Finally I heard some sane coments coming out of her mouth, she was going to be giving temporary custody of the baby to a women she knew at the time of birth, until she could get on her feet emtionally and financially. Then would be taking the baby back.
Time was getting closer to the baby's date, and then it was past due. Ashley was really feeling tired and the baby was moving all around but just not dropping like she would like for it too. Finally Aug 31, I was walking by Starbucks, and Ashley came rushing out the door with a little bundle in her arms. As soon as I saw the baby I said, "He is beautiful!!!" Ashley laughed and said, "Well, he turned out to be a SHE!!!" And she was, little "Nevaeh Grace" (that is Heaven spelled backwards) was a little piece of Heaven, born Aug 27, 8lb 5oz. (I think) My heart, that is suppossed to be happy at the site of a baby, was so heavy!!! This new mommy, who was at the time living in a shelter for the next 30 days, had no plan and no money. (She had decided to forgo the whole custody thing) I wanted to take the baby and run and give her shelter and a consistent life. And my heart went out to Ashley, this new mommy that held the responsibilty of a new humane beings life and destiny in her hands. I have been praying daily that God will keep this precious little girl safe and healthy. To overshadow her with His angels!!! And that God will show Ashley back to His loving arms. You know I have been tossing it over and over in my head, WHY ME??? Why have I been brought into this young mother and little girls life??? I may never know, but if it is only to pray for this little girl, then I must not fail. Even as I write this I feel the great burden and responsibilty for this little girl and mother. I haven't seen her since that day, but I have to trust that Our God is big enough to take care of this little girl, Maybe you can help me pray!!!!!


Regi said...

wow! You always were good with remembering names and faces. I think that is definitely a Godthing. Only God could orchestrate a meeting like! I will try to remember to pray for her too, so you can tell her that the next time you see her!