Saturday, January 12, 2008

A nite with the Robbins (and Yaneys)

Friday night about 8:30 or so we headed over to the Robbins house, per an invitation from Jonathan's dad Paul Robbins. When we got there we saw that Paul Jr.(jonathan's brother) and Ang and their girls Emma and Shalynn, and Jennifer and Christopher Yaney were there too. We all had a ball. Staying up all hours. We didn't leave their house till 2 a.m. Here is a picture of the Happy couple. Aren't they sweet. LOL

Baby Jonny is doing so well. He is up to 5lb 11oz. Here is a cute picture of him just crying his head off.

Daddy's lil' man!!!!!

Jonny is becoming a bit more attentive at just a little over 3 weeks old...he can be quite bright eyed at time. Amazing how one little one can just take hold of your heart. (And he's not even mine.)

Just a precious gift from God!!!!

"You all are just being DUMB!" (quote from Daddy Jonathan and my Jonathan)

I love my Nanna!!! (and my Dado too!!!)

(Sorry Paul no pic's of you have made it on my blog yet. Just wait I will get you yet.)

Shalynn (on top) and Emma just hanging with Christopher

Playing "Blow the Ping Pong Ball!" (For lack of a better name)
Paul and Christopher ended up being the "Hot Aired" Champs beating almost everyone that played them. I think they both ended up with a touch of a head rush after it was all done.

The new "Signature Sound" with their own rendition of
"This Little Light of Mine"

A photo shoot for the new group. Their slate is open to any concert bookings you might be interested in. (Disclaimer: NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACTIONS, SOUND QUALITY, OR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS THAT MAY BE EXPERIENCE FROM LISTENING OR COMING INTO CONTACT WITH THIS GROUP OF MEN.)

"Signature Sound" can be heard as a country trio, upon request.
*NOTE* The same above disclaimer applies.
Thanks Guys for a wonderful night of fun and memories!


Tamra said...

Enjoyed the photos. Loved the disclaimer. Too funny!

Jennifer said...

Us girls obviously all have something in common: Crazy husbands! We had a blast with you guys. Very entertaining! You gave us another good laugh looking at your pictures! :)