Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My best friends wedding

Phil's idea to tone down the girly decorations. Let's just say it didn't stay around long. But for all those giving up a weekend of hunting to come to the wedding it would have been a nice touch.

Rehearsal.....we are almost married!!!!
Bridesmaids go out to breakfast

The Beautiful Bride Jenn....was probably one of, if not the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.
The anxious groom
Still waiting
Finally Mr. and Mrs Phil Alexander
Off to the reception

Tired but happy bridesmaids
Phil and Jenn: I wish you both the best!!!! You truly are each other's other half. I can't think of anyone that you would be better with. I pray God's biggest blessings on you. You will be a dynamic team together. Love you both.
Jenn, you and i have been friends since almost FOREVER!!!! You were so beautiful. I am so glad you "fairy tale" finally came true. LYLAS!!!!
Even my beautiful niece Maddie got dressed for the occasion. Isn't she a doll????


Constance said...

I enjoyed the pictures. Such a beautiful wedding. I wish I could have been there.

Jenny said...

I keep checking everyone's blogs for pictures! :) Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. I didn't get hardly any, so I have also been checking to see what pictures others were able to get. I agree, it was a beautiful wedding and Jen looked amazing! Hope you are recovering from the crazy weekend!
-Leah Randall