Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A blessed life

I would not be suprised it tomorrow morning I wake up and I am a shade of orange. WHY? you ask. Well let's just say...I really don't want to see another PUMPKIN ROLL for a very long time. The last few years some people at my work have paid me to make them Pumpkin Rolls for the their Thanksgiving Holiday. This year I made 6 for people at work and with tips made $54!!! Plus I made 3 for my Thanksgiving meals. And I had 1 mess up. SO if your counting that is 10 pumpkin rolls!!! (For those who don't know what a pumpkin roll is. It is basically pumpkin bread with cream cheese icing rolled up "jelly roll" style) I am at present sitting on my couch with my aching feet propped up on my laundry basket, that has laundry I need to fold but I am putting it off for the moment, and resting in the fact that for 2 weeks I don't have to make another "roll". (a lady at work tried a piece of rolls and decided she wanted one. So I told her give me 2 weeks and I will bring one in. And another lady wants one a Christmas.) So other than makeing Sweet potato Casserole for my mom and dad's dinner on Saturday I am done Cooking!!!!! YEA!!!!!!

Of lately my pregnancy is going pretty well. I have had few cravings. Here is one thing that was on the list for 2 weeks. Chicken salad....I got the bright idea to make a melt out of it. So I put some salad and some cheese on a tortilla. Buttered the outside of the tortilla and put it one my "george forman" grill. (love that thing) The result was pretty tasty. Now the thought of Chicken salad, kind of turns my stomache.

People have been so sweet in asking about the baby and some even getting gifts for the baby too. Our church family is so excited about the new little one. Except for baby Jonathan Robbins who was only there for a few months, this church has not had a little baby for a long time. So they are anxious. One dear lady, Rosie, who has also predicted that I am having a boy, brought me these gifts a few Sundays ago. I love them both. Let's just say Jonathan is putting stock in her prediction and never ceases to reminde me, that Rosie is a wonderful Christian and has a close walk with God sooooo she must know what it is. I keep telling Jonathan, We'll see!!!!

By the way the ornament is 2 snowmen building another snowman in between them and it says "Baby on the way" (to cute I love it!!!)
Here I am at 13 weeks.
I am pretty happy...I have only lost weight not gained. But I also have not been able to eat much due to be so queasy pretty much all the time. It has eased off.....and I hope it will continue. Although I think I could handle haveing a smaller appetite, for much of the pregnancy.
Last Friday, Jon and I got to go to the Doctor togather. (the Lord worked that out...I was so afraid he wouldnt get to go.) We got to hear the heartbeat for the 1st time. It is strong and healthy says the doctor. It was so amazing. God certainly was just great when He created is just awsome how the humane body can "house" a growing being. And how each part knows just when to grow at just the perfect time. How can anyone NOT believe in GOD? The developement of a child just proves it.
I also got to go to Mom and dads last weekend and spend time with them. (Jon and his brother Steve were going to the IU and Purdue game on Sat.) Mom and I headed out Saturday morning for Castleton to do alot of shopping. (the 13 week pic was taken in Moms living room) We had a ton of fun. (love you mama, I look forward to many more shopping trips.) I also got some cute maternity shirts. And mom got me a cute one for Christmas.

How could I have a post with out a picture of my beautiful niece. We are getting our Family pictures with my mom and dad, Brandon and Justin and Tasha and Maddie. So I will have more to post later. Here are a few of my wonderful blessings.
I am so thankful for Salvation
I am thankful for my wonderful husband
I am thankful for this wonderful Gift growing inside me
I am thankful for a wonderful Dad and mom and 2 great brothers
a sis-in-law who is truly my friend and a great niece.
I am thankful for wonderful in-laws, brother-in-law and cute and fun nephew
and all the extra family that goes with it.
Also my extended family is the BEST!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU.
I have been blessed with many wonderful friends
Jenn, Leah, Tess, Caroline, Regi I would be lost without you!!! I love you guys.
And even if I didn't mention your name I just am so greatful for you.

And I close with a darling pic of Maddie and Papaw!!!



Mindy said...

I'm glad to hear things are going great for you! Is the Rosie you are talking about Rose Browder? If so, tell her hello. She used to watch me alooooong time ago!

Janella Thompson said...

yes it is. And I will tell her you said Hi.

Constance said...

I do not envy you on the pumpkin rolls. Hey, you look great Mrs. PG. If you can keep yourself from eating all the time at the end of the pregnacy then you will do great. Love the pic with grandpa and Maddie.

Janella Thompson said...

Thanks Constance...I am trying to be good. But it's not been to hard since i don't have much of an appetite.

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely amazing at 13 weeks along! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely amazing at 13 weeks along! Good for you!

Mom said...

Had soooo much fun spending the day with you. Let's do it again!! Love you -- Mama