Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Birthday week

Wow the week after my birthday(Oct 8) , I was treated like a princess. I didn't cook dinner once!!! Other than a big pot of chili Friday morning. I was treated to dinner at Denny's, O'Charley's and somewhere else, which at the moment is missing from my memory. I told my husband since he had done this last year it had to be a tradition and he could carry this one out thru out my lifetime of b-days.
Well Friday came, none to early for me...I had taken the day off and you would think that I would have slept in. Nope not me, I got up and made the chili and did some light house work then packed my scrapbook bags and headed out to the local "Achiever's" store. I stopped at the library for a few good books and then stopped to pick up my lunch at my favorite fast food joint "Taco Bell", so I ate an early lunch or brunch. Then went on into the scrapbook store, where I spent approx. 5 hours scrapbooking!!!!! I had so much fun and I spent UNDER $20!!!!
Jonathan called me several times thru the day to see if I was having fun, then he told me we had late dinner reservations. I love suprises so all I said was "Goodie" He than told me it was nothing fancy. So I already figured it out in my mind that we were going to "Steak and Ale" (a very nice, but not to fancy restraunt) I was all excited.
I was all excited when he got home. He asked me if I wanted to dress up a little and to match him. I was really shocked at all the trouble he was going to, but it only made me more excited. We left our house a little after 7:00 and he told me we had to stop by the church. When we pulled in the church parking lot, I finally asked, "why are we here agian?" He said "To pick up an amp" Then I just casually said,"did you tell Jonathan (our new assistant pastor aka "country boy) that we were coming?" He said "Yeah I think he knew. He told me the amp was in the fellowship hall." So when we parked he asked me to help him get the amp. When Jonathan unlocked the door I suddenly saw a shadow of 2 men inside our fellowship hall!!!!! I yelped and suddenly all the lights went on and everyone yelled SUPRISE!!!!!!! I was so stunned I backed out of the hall!!! It took me a minute to realize I was surrounded by friends and there were balloons everywhere and food and cake and it was all for ME!!!!!! It was so much fun. 2 of my best friends (Leah and Jennifer) where there and my other best friend, LIZ was the host and the sneaky one behinde it all!!!! I was so proud of her keeping it quiet, she doesn't do well with keeping in suprises!!! At the party even clean up was fun, just ask Phil and Jonathan!!!!
I can't even began to explain how special the whole evening made me feel. I realized looking back over the entire evening how God has blessed me with so many friends. Some people find themselves fortunate to have just one good friend, but I have been blessed many times over!!!! And for that I am forever greatful. Liz, Becky and Jonathan thank for giving me one of the best birthdays ever. I won't soon forget this one!!! To all my Party Animals thanks for the gifts, but mostly just being there. And God, Thank you for giving me the best b-day gift of all "another year to spend with my friends and family."


Brenda said...

I am SO GLAD to hear that your surprise party went well! I really wanted to be there, but that was Homecoming here at GBS. You sure looked surprised!

Angie Davis said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Janella! I turned 31 last month, so enjoy being young while you still are!

Regi said...

so neat!