Thursday, October 26, 2006

Our Indianapolis Pacers

Who let the dogs out???? Whoo, whoo,whoo, whoo?????
Ok, I am being crazy, but boy did we have fun at the Pacer game. It was just pre-season game, but it was great. We were setting 7th row up from the court and right under the net!!! And the price we paid for such great tickets was $0!!!!! It was all due to a Pacer cheerleader that works with Jonathan. Her name is Melanie. She is a great girl, and a pretty good dancer and cheerleader. Her parents had these great season tickets and they were not going to the game, so she got the tickets and let us use all 4 of them. So we took Liz and Peter. We had so much fun. At half time OUR wonderful Pacers were ahead of the ball game, but then they somehow lost it 2nd half and totaly blew the game. But one good thing I got a free T-shirt out of the game, and we got a bunch of awsome pictures. O'Neil did a good job too!!!

This is Melanie

Friends make moments in time so much better:)


Jason said...

Isn't great to have connections!!!! Remember your cousins down here the next time!!!! grin

Brenda said...

Oh, how fun! I loved going to Pacer's games when we lived in Indianapolis!