Sunday, December 23, 2007

First round of Christmas events

Well this weekend was eventful. We headed out friday nite after 9pm for Kim and Phils house in Cincy. (Because Jonathan was making other peoples Christmas merry by delievering their packages.) We got there about 11:30pm. Courtney was insistent that we opened our Christmas gifts then we enjoyed just being togather.

Here was Aunt Kims beautiful tree....complete with Miniture Crackel Barrel rocking chair ornaments. I loved the red and white lights. A very beautiful tree.

No matter how old we all get I don't think we will ever out grow the joy of opening gifts. At one point during Christmas almost all of we cousines were on the large couch. Mom looked at all of us and Said, "All of our "kids" are all grown adults now" I think it was kind of an shocking thought for mom.

Some of the kids went out and played ping pong and foose ball (sp?) out in the garage. I think Olivia was really getting into this game. Can't help but wonder who won this game Tasha or Olivia?

This year was a bit different we all spent the night, with exception of Rena and Lowell and Regi and Jason, at Kim and Phils house. It was something new that I loved and I hope we can do it agian next year. I was up till about 3:30 a.m. I think Courtney and Holly were up till about 6 am. Who knows when Brent hit the hay...all I Know is I came down stairs and he was sound asleep on the couch...and at one point I about set on him. (I forgot he was there) I hope I don't have to go into hiding after posting this picture. I just couldn't resist.

Justin And Tasha are going to be going to her grandma's for Christmas, so Jonathan and I gave them their Christmas gifts at Kim and Phils. I think Tasha liked Jonathan and I's tradition of giveing a few stocking gifts and wrapping everything. It is a tradition that Jon's family started way back when. Every item is wrapped and we get fun stuff and practical stuff like toothpaste and shampoo...and fun stuff like linen spray....notebooks and just all kind of stuff. I love this part of Christmas we go around the room and everyone opens one gift and then we go around again. Sooo----I decided to start it with my family.

Saturday morning after everyone kind of got up and around....we had a HUGE breakfast about 10:30 or so. We had so much delicious french toast made by Aunt Kim. And lots of bacon and smoky sausage. I don't remember how many pounds of meat they did...but it was gone in no time. With 17 adults and 2 kids (Philip and Olivia)....we polished off the delicious breakfast. Alot of us even enjoyed several cups of coffee with some cocunut cream creamer. (due to lack of sleep we needed our morning jolt.) I will say I am not a coffee drinker. I am a more flavor cream then actual coffee kind of drinker. Anyhow the coffee was wonderful.

Ally thought that since she prayed for all the grub that she should be the first one in line. So we gave her that honor.

We girls always lots of fun togather. As you can tell by our dress we were having a casual morning. Actually in this picture I feel rather old. When Dani is only about 4 years younger than me. But I just feel I look so old in this picture.

Regi and Jay were there Friday night but left before we got there...but they were there for breakfast Saturday morning. Regi has had a bad bout of explains the puffy eyes. I felt really bad for her. But her husband was in rare form. Acting as goofy as ever.

Some boys just never grow up. I don't think young Phils energy ever runs out.
Rachel acting as goofy as ever at the Hilligoss family christmas. Lillianna just turned one at the beginning of the month. She loves playing the Piano. So Brandon and her pounded a way for a while. I think she really enjoyed the attention.

Sunday morning we had our kids Christmas program. I can't begin to say how proud I am of my kids. Just to see their faces at times when they get a question right....or actually understand a point I am trying to get at.
The young lady in pink is just on the brink of being a teenager. We sprung a solo on her kind of at last minute. BUt she did so well. Her name is Kaylee....And I was just so proud of her. All the kids sang beautifully...and all of them had their parts memorized and needed very little help. That is saying alot for Jr. CHurch kids. (those that are involved in that ministry would know that) At the end of the program I had on set of parents /grandparents come up to me and say how thankful that we had this for their kids and also grandkids (their young son is adopted). and How much they are learning. That is where it is so worth it...when the parents see the "seeds" beginning to develope. Are theme for the program was "happy Birthday Jesus". We ended with a beautiful song, "happy birthday Jesus". I sang it thru first then the kids joined me with a beautiful track. I think they really had fun. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

(Ps just to those who wonder Caroline got home Sunday nite. Baby Jonathan is doing better. He ate really well last night (I am saying last nite since it is Monday morning. (I really need to go to bed.) My Jonathan said he ate well because he had a "man to man" talk with him...and told him if he would eat well then he could get that tube, that he keeps pulling out, out of his nose and be able to go home soon. Kind of ironic that he ate so well after that. Care is still haveing a high blood pressure and is in some pain due to the C-section, I believe. I got to hold him last night again. I have a funny story that I will have to share later, but I really need to go to bed.)


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