Tuesday, December 18, 2007

waiting and praying

Tonight my dear friend Caroline was rushed to the hospital upon having a seizure. When I got the phone call, I was scared half to death. I was worried about my friend and her baby. Come to find out she has something like Toxima. (or something like that...the wonderful husband can not remember the medical term) Anyhow, the only way to take care of the problem is to induce labor. So in the next day or two...I will get to meet Lil' Jonathan Keith Jr.
I am so thankful to God that he protected Caroline and baby and helped Jonathan (daddy) keep a level head.
You know, I am beginning to see the faithfulness of God in such a real and different way. Monday night...I was home for a long while before Jonathan got home. I kept feeling this nagging and heavy feeling in my spirit. I finally realized that it was God and the Holy Spirit telling me to pray. I began trying to pray as I went about my house work but still felt so heavy. It was then I really knew God wanted my total attention. So I knelt down in front of my couch and poured out my heart and concerns to God. I had some things on my heart and soul....but there seemed to be something I needed to pray for that was just out of my reach of comprehension. Now I am not claiming to be the Soul Prayer Power behinde the protection of Caroline and the baby, but I am glad that God allowed me to be aware of His presense in my home so keenly Monday night. And wether or not the "mystrey prayer" was for Caroline or not I know that the prayer of His servants will not go unheard. I told someone today that " God bottles up the prayers of His saints and pours them out when they are needed to be used. " I am also glad that God showed me His presence in such a real way Monday nite...just to know that my home, as unworthy as I feel, was a dwelling place for the "Most High"
Please continue to Pray for Caroline and baby Jonathan's safe delivery, Also Daddy Jonathan needs pray. I will keep you posted. (for those that don't know her due date was Jan 26...but the doctors say the baby looks fine, but may need some help eating and making sure it can breath on its own once it is born.)


Anonymous said...

I really admire you. I wish I was just half the spiritual person you are. You are a wonderful example to all of us. I truly believe you have the smile of God upon your life. And that is all that really matters. I will pray for your friend.

Janella Thompson said...

Dear anonymous,
I respect the fact that you want to stay anonymous but I do wish I knew who you were.
Thank you for you kind words, but know that I am by no means how the high end of being a Christian....by that I mean I have my struggles and downfalls like everyone else. And I hope that thru this post I didn't sound like I was bragging or trying to appear more Spiritual then I am. I honestly struggle the hardest keeping an consistant devotional life. Which is why I was so flattered that God showed himself to me in such a real way. Anyhow...Thank you and if you ever want to reveal your self to me that would cure my couriosity (sp?) But I respect you.
Merry Christmas

Jenny said...

We will be praying for the new parents to be. What an incredible Christmas present!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Janella, I'm pertty sure you know me, and hope you don't care that i leave a comment. I just so happen to somehow fine your blog off some other blog,well you know how that works, anyway, you so touch me today, and no I didn't think you were bragging at all, you were just telling how God works on our hearts some times. I happen to be friends with Jonathan's mother and I too will pray for Caroline, bless her heart ! so glad God show himself to you, and that she has you for a friend. We all need friends like that , that's for sure!HEY, you can be my friend ;) pray for me any day. We all have our struggles like you said, even at my age i struggle with my devolional life, but it feels so sweet when we feel the need or heavy to pray even if we don't know why or what or who for and some times we do. God Bless you Janella. I have always like you, you are a sweet girl, I know your mom and dad tell them Hi, for me, and keep up the goood bloging . Theresa Ayars p.s I'm am not the anonymous!! have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Anonymous said...

It was good to be with you last night. I'm thankful how Jesus is working in your life. I'm grateful to have you as such a close friend.

Love you,