Monday, March 31, 2008

Outlook Makeover 2008

Outlook Makeover 2008 was this last Friday and Saturday. Below is just Friday's activites. I will be posting Saturdays as soon as I can get them off my camera.
We had about 28 girls this year. We thank God that He helped us. Our theme was "Finding and Keeping" Our kick off speaker was Esther Dotson. Whom the Lord helped relay "her journey of Faith."Even with times of knowing the FACT the God was in control...even though Her Faith and Feeling seemed that they were not on the same level. God really used this to touch the girls.
Then the fun started...we seperated into teams. Our first activity was..."nursrey rhyme charades" It was hilarious. "Little BO PeeP" "3 blind mice" and several others were just great.
THen we had our annual "fashion show" the models showed up and showed off...With many designs made by "outlook makeover designer dropouts" (as one team put it.) Quite funny.

These 2 girls are Krista Mitchel Crabtree's niece's. Her brother Andy, once a drug addict, has since got Gloriously saved. He is at this time reaping what he sowed and serving some jail time. But his Step girls attended our retreat. They had never really attended church...and never worn a skirt before this reatreat. I could tell that God was being faithful to them during the retreat...but no real move was made from them. (Heather is the blonde and Elesia is the reddish haired.) I got a message Sunday night, they had attended revival where Bro. Mitchel was preaching. And on their on accord both went forward to the alter and received Christ as their Saviour. PRAISE GOD HE IS SO FAITHFUL!!!!!! Please pray for these young 15 and 17 year old girls they have old habits that God will need to help them with. And they know nothing of true holy Christian living. Other then the examples they have seen thru Andy's family and at Outlook Makeover. I am so excited to see this "impossible case" be won by Christ. Why do I ever doubt Him??? Just pray for Andy that the devil will be defeated and He will stay strong during his jail time and come out a victor and be able to be the Christian Leader his family needs. These girls refer to Andy as their "Daddy". Even though he has been in her life for only a few years. (Andy's wife has become a Christian too!!!!)

Rock a bye baby

Our Outlook Makeover Models!!!
Beautiful ladies

New pics of jonny

Jonny is getting so big and soooo much more alert. He will grin really big at you. I have of yet to get a picture of him grinning. But I will soon. I can't get over how fast kids grow. He is just a doll cooing and and really focusing on you as you talk to him. Here are some new pictures that I have. ( I was told by someone that I needed to post new pictures of Carolines baby.)

"Lets get this show on the road!"
"Dad I think I dropped something." (look how fat he's getting)
"Aunt Nella are you done taking pictures yet...I'm about done being cute!"
"OK, Put'em up PUNK!!!! I am going to smash that camera if you don't quit!"

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend Jonathan took me to Muart Theater and we saw "Highschool Musical." It was performed very well. I was not allowed to take any pictures. So this will have to do.
Easter morning we went to our church and celebrated our Saviour. Then we headed to mom's house, were all of us kids were home. (and even Brandon's Girlfriend Heather was there) This was the first time it has been just us since last summer. Our family really needs to slow down and get togather more. But we had a great time.
In other news. I am going too be a new Aunt. Justin and Tasha are going to have a little one, due October 8. MY BIRTHDAY. Congrads Justin and Tasha!!!! We love you and look forward to seeing this little one.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy birthday to my loveable bestest husband and best friend

Today my hubby turns 26!!! happy birthday honey....just so everyone knows you might need to make sure I am around after tomorrow after posting these pics. I think He just might kill me. No really, Jonathan is my love, my tears, my laughter, my husband but most of all my bestest friend. I love you honey. I hope your day is the best.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Gods Hug and His gentle nudge to move up!

Revival is coming up at the end of March. Travis Johnson is going to be the speaker. I am very anxious. I am expecting God to big things.

The last few weeks the devil has been really fighting me. Some of the things that have come up I have never battled in my life. And at such a strong force. I am so determined that he is not going to win this battle, but I am at the point of exhaustion. I was given some scripture by a friend...."Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. Ps 37:4"
And the scripture in Jer. 29: 11 has been my life motto, "I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope."

I love the Lord with all my heart and He has brought me so far that I would be a FOOL to let go. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to!!! I am so determined to serve God and gain ground...but we all have the times where we feel low and we either give in to the battle or we search out the determination to gain the strength to go on. Let's just say I am serching for that next surge of determination. (and I am finding it. It is a day by day journey)
I am noticing as I get older and grow in Jesus that the devil never gives up and seems to fight stronger. With some of the battles that have come across my path, here in the last few weeks, I am ashamed to say that their has been dust brushed off some attitudes in my life that shouldn't have been there....also some things I have been careless about. (i.e devotions) I am so glad for a forgiving God. I am also glad for an Abba Father that understands our hurts...and our weird feelings. I was telling the kids in my Jr. Church..that God give us hugs at times. This last week...i was really down, and in my tears I have many times asked God for one of His hugs. I don't mean to bring God to a low humane level...or any disrespect...but sometimes the devil fights me with the fact that "YOUR TALKING TO GOD, HE IS TO BIG AND BUSY TO BOTHERED WITH YOU SILLY EMOTIONAL UNSTABLENESS." But I have come to know, that just as my earthly father cares about my feelings and when I cry he will wrap his arms around me in a hug...why wouldn't my Heavenly Father do the same thing???? Also, I am learning that sometimes he may just hold our hand...just to help us learn that we can stand and we can get thru the battle. I know I am being pretty transparent here. Maybe to much for a blog. But I just wanted to share some of what God is doing for me.

In this upcoming revival... I want to NOT spend the whole time getting everything togather...but rather come with my heart prepared. I am determined to not let the devil, keep me down. That I can truly rest in the promises of the Word. And that my Heavenly Fathers Arms are around me...and where I know I can stand tall...I also can collapse in His arms and know he will hold me tight in the Hug that I need.