Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is a "Grouper"?

The last two weekends we have gone to Terre Haute and enjoyed the company of my brother-in-law and his pool. Its one of those family style above ground pools and is about 3 1/2 ft deep. The second weekend Devan was there and we had alot of fun in the pool. He has turned into a regular little fish. He can do 3-4 continous flips under water....and he is learning to swim quite well. (Shame on me for not taking my camera) He and I reallly bounded this weekend. He was so excited to be able to swim at night. He and I were the last ones in the pool...I pretended I was an announcer and he was a showmanship swimmmer...and he really enjoyed that. I got scared at one point when I turned my back and He decided to start doing flips under water and when I turned around I couldn't see him...especially since it was dark. My heart about came out my mouth. But I saw him and pulled him up out of the water and he just thought I was crazy. I told him "Please don't go under the water when my back is turned, especially in the dark because I can't see you."

Well, we were taking a break sitting in the living room and we were talking about fishing. And Steve piped up and said he wished he could catch a "Grouper" (or something like that) I asked him what a Grouper was....and all the sudden Devan piped up...in a very matter -of-fact tone..."it is a preditory fish that eats clown fish!" We all just kind of looked at him...shocked!!! I guess he has been playing some animal game on his "Leap Frog" learning system, and learned that little fact. We were just so shocked. I told him later how proud I was of him and How smart he was getting. Kids can amaze you with little facts that they have learned and tell you them at the exact moment that you least expect. Devan we love you and are proud of you...Good luck in 1st grade buddy!!


Mom said...

Devon looks so much like his cousins -- the Gookins boys!!

Constance said...

He is so cute. I don't even have a clue of what a grouper is.

Jennifer said...

Hi Janella - I'm waiting for some bridal shower pictures. :) Just wanted to let you know that I started my blog again. Hopefully this time I can keep it up. Love ya - Jennifer