Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jenn's shower, Shopping goodies, a day at mom and dads

Last Saturday was Jenn's Personal shower. We had alot of fun decorating and preparing. Leah did a great job planning it all. And the rest of we bridesmaids chipped in. All but one of the brides maids were able to be there. I think Jenn enjoyed it too...even with a few embarassing gifts! (Sorry girl, but did you really expect anything less from me???) The "blushing Bride" and her mom

the sister-of-the-bride and also the Maid of Honor a.k.a. NanDigg in (Becky the sandwiches were delicious)
Mother-in-law to beEven lil' Emma enjoyed herself....especially the punch and the balloons!! I will never tell what's inside "That" box!!! HE HE!!!!

Bridesmaid Tanessa and Jennifer (this picture brings back memories of old Highschool pictures)

Tanessa's daughter Emma and Je-fer (as Emma says it)
Bridesmaid Leah
Bridesmaid Janella
Bridesmaid and cousin Kristel

After the shower mom and I went shopping, well Jonathan was in Terre Haute with his brother Steve and he was shopping too. Here are some of our purchases!!! We needed some new clothes and Jon DESPERTLEY needed dress shoes, I needed some wedding shoes and was able to splurge on another pair of shoes for Just $10!!!!!!

Wedding shoes and my $10 splurge!!! I love Bogo sales!! Jonathan keeps clicking his heels and saying..."there's no place like home" I can figure out why????
The new outfit....Got the 2 tops on Sat. Togather just a little over $20. My shoes $10...and a few weeks ago I got the skirt at CJ Banks for $10. Pretty good deal, I think!!
We also got several new shirts and ties for Jonathan....but to late to load anymore pics.

Tuesday night I headed to mom and dad's house. Mom was having a test done and I wanted to be there for her. (nothing to serious) Justin and Tasha were there for a little while so Mom wated to get some pics. Lets just say the boys were in Rare form!!! (Tasha is looking quite cute she is almost 7 months. Baby Madelynn is making sure Tasha knows she is in existence quite well!!!)

MY LITTLE BROTHERS!!!! I was once bigger than them. (but blessed to be smaller than them now.)


Leah said...

LOVE the red shoes Janella! I enjoyed the other pictures as well. Thanks for the update... I've been watching your blog since Saturday :)
- Leah

Anonymous said...

Yah - you posted! Very cute new outfit and love the pictures of your family as well.
- Jennifer

Tamra said...

I enjoyed all the pictures. You're quite the bargain shopper! Way to go!

Jenny said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun!

Constance said...

What a great shower. I know what its like to have pictures with brothers. My brother never likes to take pictures. I LOVE those shoes. They are so cute.

Erin said...

Awww, Jennifer is getting married!!! Congratulate her for me!
Love your flashy red shoes... really cute! Hope you are doing well.