Thursday, August 14, 2008

still alive

haveing issues with my computer and with posting pictures. Just wanted to let you know I am ok....not much exciting happening. about 15 days "I am leaving on a jet plane" Not really...but I am headed to Branson, Mo. We are going to Silver Dollar city and a few other places.

????? has anyone been to Branson lately and seen "The Promise" or seen "the Great Passion Play" We are leaning more toward "The Promise" because it's closer and we have a coupon. But the passion play is about hour away but the cast is about 3 times the size. So any opinions???


Jenny said...

I have no opinions except...I wanna go too!!! :)

Jason said...

I saw the Promise several years ago and it is good. The new Biblical show out there is Sight and Sound. It is from Lancaster, PA. Amazing!!!! The ticket prices are high but it is worth it. It is brand new this year. I would say it is better than the Promise or the Passion play. You may want to check it out.

Janella Thompson said...

thanks jason, we did check it out and they are showing Noah...but the prices are a little steep. We will still consider it...but just trying to be able to do a few things and still keep cost down. hard to do since alot of the shows are about $25 to $30. But our coupon book is helping us.