Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Alot is going on in my mind these days. I know suprise, suprise that I have a mind. HA, HA. But here lately my mind has been on overkill. SO please mind me as I ramble a bit and share. .

They say that the mind can be the "devils playground" and I am tempted to believe that in ways. But I have to say that the Lord has really allowed me to think on Him alot these days. Due to being at a computer more I have been able to listen to alot of my old Cd's and Tapes....and I have been able to get a blessing out of them. And as funny as it may be...even out of my Oddessy tapes. Funny how a childlike lesson can still hit home to an adult. Then today I was listening to my Legacy Five cd, and it seemed song after song just would hit some place in my heart or mind. The song "Peace when you leave it in Hands" (not sure of title) just let me be able to rest alot of my anxious spirit in His hands. Now if I can learn to just leave it there. Then the song "Lord Stay Close to Me", is without a doubt been my prayer. You know as a new mom-to-be I have a lot of dreams, plans and wishes for my home and for my little girl. I want to be a mom that can be a stable Christian influence. One that she wants to pick up the phone and call if she needs prayer or to share an answer to prayer. I feel so unworthy to ask God to help me be that mother, because as a human I seem to fail over and over. But I realize that the only way for that to come true is to Stay close to Jesus.
Also another thing that has been weighing heavy on my mind is something I would like my "blogger world friends" to pray for. The new couple in our church that has recently got saved, Jon and Patty, have been slammed by the devil. They are still praising the Lord and trusting in Him and still growing in Grace. But they are going thru a HUGE battle. Their Grandchildren, Ethan (3) and Lilly (5) have been taken and placed with their mother. Their older son Dustin has been placed in jail and the kids have had to go with their mother, who up to this point has wanted little to do with them. (due to the fact..."she doesn't want to be a mom!") Now there is a huge custody battle. Anyone who has worked with Jr. church families have seen this over and over again. I guess even as long as I have done Jr. Church work...I was never old enough to be on the inside...and was never as close to the family. It's been 2 weeks since the kids have been to church. And my heart aches for them. We have made alot of head way with these kids...they will raise their hands when they see other people praising the Lord around them. And Little Ethan will come into church with his big brown eyes...and ask our pastor to pray for his mommy and daddy. (without any prompting he has done this at least once if not 2x's) Lilly I am most concerned about....she does need her mommy...but a consistant mommy. Lilly has gone from a Happy and smiling little girl to a very backward and recluse of a little girl. Not smiling alot and just looks sad. She will sit by me during church and play her violin (that her grandparents bought for her and is a tad big...but will grow into it.) and just have sad eyes! It breaks my heart. Please help me pray that God will undertake in this situation and not allow the devil to defeat Jon and Patty. Dustin is to get out of jail this week and I pray that God will work on his heart as well. Patty has been testifying to "blacking the Devils eye" she is living on faith and trust! But I can tell she is so raw emotionally. Please help me pray. And if He decides to not work it out...that the seeds we have planted will grow.
Sorry to have rattled on...but I feel a bit better talking about it.


Anonymous said...

We will be praying for you and your church family.

Bob & Sandra Tarter

Anonymous said...

I will try to pray for this need. Thanks for sharing. Jason

Jackie said...

I will be praying as well.... I have 2 little girls in my daycare who has mommies who sound much like this mother..Drugs are taking their toll on families.. and it hurts them so much...remember them as well... do not want to put names on here...but Jesus knows who they are.

Jenna Dewhurst said...

Glad God's been helping! It's nice to hear other people's issues...I know it sounds uncaring but sometimes you just need to hear you're not alone. :)

Alanna said...

Hi Janella,
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I have to confess that I've looked at your blog from time to time. :) Brandon's kinda like a cool big brother to me. :)

Wow - sorry to hear about the family at your church and the custody battle. I teach a kid's class on Wed. nights at my church and I have one little boy whose parents are both in jail, and it almost rips my heart out when he asks to pray for them. So many children are going through horrible situations. :( I'm glad the grandparents are staying strong and resiliant.

Anyway, nice "commenting" with you - perhaps we will get to meet sometime. :)

Alanna said...

Yes, I am going with the Brandon and GBS to Ireland! I am SOO excited - it's a dream come true. :)

Anonymous said...


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