Sunday, April 12, 2009

March 27 on the canal

One of my favorite little guys, Jonny Jr!!! He is getting so big and very independent in walking. He loves being outside. He is an active little boy.

A big fire happened just a few weeks before. It ruined some new Condo/appartments on the canal that were to be opened in this spring. Thankfully no one was living in any of them. They are believing it is arson.

This is the Street side.

Canal side

Met a guy with a parrot. Jonny was pretty fascinated.

The happy family and one "in tow"

2 prego at just shy of 7 months and Care at about 2 months.

7 months (almost)

I think Jon might be ready for me to "diet" so he can get his arms around me!! LOL

Yes, the water is GREEN!!! Due to St. Pattys day being just a few days before.

Jonny did very well at the canal. He loved pushing his stroller everywhere.


Leah said...

the pregnant pictures are cute and so much fun!

Caroline said...

hey there chubby!!! lol u sure r bigger than me!!! I look like Clarista Flockhart with us standing back to back!! lol (yeah right) love u girl~ can't wait to meet Katelynn!!