Sunday, April 12, 2009

Outlook Makeover 2009

Ready for the girls to register.

Our "worship team" leading the girls in songs
THis year was pretty small...but we all had a good time. And thankfully the weather really coperated with us. We had about 15 girls and our theme was "Answer the Call".
Our first speaker, Sarah Wolf Fry, speaking on "The Call to Love"
Fun and excitement as te night kick off with skits.
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears


Twas' the night before Christmas

"Twas the night before Christmas..."

Outlook Makeovers Fashion Show
Our wonderful models!!!

Our team singing a special song. "Dream on"

Our girls

Speaker #2- Scott Clemons- "the Call to Greatness"

Our guys helping serve the girls brunch.
(it is nice to have SOME man power at this retreat....since it is a GIRLS retreat we try to limit the male appearence on the grounds of the retreat. But our lovely husbands get roped into helping. And I think they do enjoy being used...but they do their best to stay in the background so the girls can really be relaxed and just be themselves.)

One of our teams and their mentor.

Our Suitcase Relay...was so funny. I don't think you have ever seen a girl "dress" so fast!!!

Some of the board member girls went up against some of our helpers...we board members won..but not with out a lot of laughs! I think the girls had a lot of fun cheering us on.

One of our new games was (what I called) "Leading the Blind"- their mentor was at one end and their team was at the other end. The team member was blindfolded, spun around and then had to listen for their mentor and walk to them. Also our judges who where with the mentors could change the line up at will. (so the girls really had to listen instead of just walking in a straight line) It was a fun game, but got a bit chaotic. And we had to have extra helpers due to our limited space and make sure our girls were not killing themselves by running into tables and such..

Our last speaker Elizabeth Edwards Bell "The Call to Service" She was really good...she also has been a speaker before and had told us "her love story" and this year she had a new Chapter to catch us up on. Since she had found love again and gotten married. She even brought pictures to share. Since alot of the girls had been there before it was neat to catch up on this new chapter in her life.

Our Outlook Makeover team!!!
Please keep us in your prayers as we endevor to help show girls that living a life for Christ is not all about rules and regulations but it is about a personal walk. And that it can be fun. We all know there are hardships along the road and Christian Teenage girls are put under a lot of pressure in todays world. We just want to give them an outlet to come to and provide them with tools and guidance to help them in their walk with Jesus. And if they haven't began that walk to help them see the importance of "walking with Jesus"
The girls of our board

This year we had a mystrey dinner for the girls.
It was done "country style" And we had dressed the part and had told the girls too.
Our Cook Donna is getting into it with this Troublesome Phil. She is defending her "Kitchen" no doubt.

The good sheriff and his wife
(my question is why is he standing there when there is a Troublesome Phil to arrest???)

The "bad guy" still manages to snag himself a pretty Cowgirl!!!

2 of our girls had performed a skit for the ACE convention and won. So since they were going to be there we decided to have them put the skit on for us. (A western twist to the Prodigal son or in this case Calamity Jane)

Our last game was kind of a RIDE'EM Cowgirl!!! In place of Stick horses we used brooms but it was quite funny. Some of the girls I held my breath praying they would not fall as they tried to run in their boots.

ALL in ALL God was faithful to our small little. He never ceases to amaze us. This was our 3rd year and even though it was our smallest group we felt God was still there. We are trusting him for bigger and better things in "Outlook Makeovers" future.


Jenna Dewhurst said...

this looks like a blast! It's times like these when I feel kind'a sad living in south dakota...keep up the great work! Keep your light shining! It's really encouraging! And...I can't wait for you...for you to have your that was a little confusing! It'll be way fun! :) God Bless!

Alanna said...

This looks really neat! Looks like you all were really organized - what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work! Jason

Anonymous said...

I've never heard Elizabeth Edward's love story. Can you tell it (in a nutshell, of course)? I'd love to hear it.