Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My co-workers are great!!!

My team at work suprised me with a baby shower. They are great people, yeah we have our differences but overall...I have a great team.
(Sorry this picture will not turn right...I tried 3 times and its late so I gave up. I just wanted you to see it.)
My pretty and tasty cake.

Some of my gifts.
The pink jumper is from a very elegant lady (in the office)...kind of remindes me a Jackie O'Nassis of 2009.....it is a designer dress. A Lily Pultizer (or something like that...I didn't know it was a designer.) It is made very well..all of it is lined and the smocking on the front is very detailed. I LOVE IT!!!

Some more outfits from some of the girls in the office

Even more outfits!

The Boppy is from some girls that I did alot of court runs for when I was the court runner. (as where most of the clothes too.)
The Bumbo seat is from a older guy on MY team, with Pitney Bowes, he and his wife bought that and 2 little pairs of socks for me. And my Pitney team game me a $75 Wal-mart Card!!!!
I felt very blessed! I never expected them to do something so special for me. I guess it pays to take extra time with those around you.