Saturday, May 15, 2010

Katelynn at 11 months

Katelynn is just shy of 1 year...will be 1 year in 2 weeks!!! Where has time gone? It goes to fast!

Here are some just home pictures....mind that she is in her pj's in most of them...but we like to get bath out of the way then have the evening to play.

She loves her stuffed animals and her dolls!We got this bear for her at Christmas and it quotes Luke 2 while it's mouth moves. She loved it in the store and Daddy's heart melted so he bought it for her. We have had in it the closet for awhile and decided to get it out the other night. She was so curious that it's mouth moved while he was talking....that is until she put her finger in it's mouth and it "BIT" her....
then she wasn't to thrilled with even being beside it.

Don't you love her outfit? She had gotten up from a nap and just had a onesie on so daddy grabbed pj pants for her to wear.
This is her favorite Big toy, right now at least, she loves to sit on it backwards! She will also try and ride around on it, but mostly pushes it everywhere and when she gets it stuck she will push it sideways so she can keep going. *smart girl*

Katelynn and Miss. Greenbean, she is really into her dolls right now and has a few of them. We have been pretending with Katelynn's sippy cups or bottles or even Legos to feed her babies. I told Jonathan that we needed to find a bottle for a baby doll. So we were at the $ Tree the other night and Jonathan picked her up one. Here she is trying to feed her baby. It was so precious for me to watch how it doesn't take long for her to understand the "motherly nature". She will kiss all over her dolls and pat there back and say "awww" (but then promptly throws it on the floor...guess we gotta a few things to work on still!)

Testing the "milk"

"Here mommy, you wanna try it?"

Guess it's safe for her to drink....drink up Miss. Greenbean!

Where is the mall, I'm going shopping!

Tuckered out! (see I told you she loves her dolls, I think this one is Polly)


Leah said...

1 year... say it isn't so! I can't imagine how she is that old already!! Seriously, time just needs to SLOW DOWN! Love your updated pictures