Friday, May 21, 2010

Our week in review!

This week has been an eventful one! Please nobody faint, I know 3 new posts in a row!!!!

We have had a few nights where Katelynn would be asleep for about an hour and then wake up in tears. The first night a little rocking a little extra bottle did the trick. The next night (Wednesday) was another story!! Nothing would soothe her. I patted her, gave her her passy, walked around with her in her room, tried a bottle, gave her some "herbal" teething tablets (great thing really you can get them at walmart...they are these tiny little powdery tablets that they can just chomp right up, if the don't dissolve like paste first!!!) and lots more rocking, tried to lay her down in our bed (not something I really want to start) but lots of coughing and gagging started due to her cold and runny nose and probably all the crying. Finally I went in the living room and tried to lay in the recliner with a blanket...NOPE that didn't work, after a bit of Tylenol and more walking around and bouncing and with her squirming every 30 seconds after ALMOST being asleep, I finally laid her down in our bed again and she fell sound asleep. So daddy slept in the guest room and Mommy and Katelynn slept together. (me being scared half to death she would roll off the bed...I put a big pillow along the side of the bed and built up a pillow and blanket pallet on the floor in case she did roll off...and a pillow at the head board since she loves to sleep with her head right up against her bumper in her own bed I was afraid she would hurt her head is she squirmed her way up to the metal bar head board in our room. Well, by that point it was 12:30 for some of you mom's out there (Regi I know this is pretty much nothing to you) you have had to deal with this alot. I am one of the blessed mommy's that she is a pretty good sleeper...once you get her there. She fights it pretty hard at times....but she sleeps the whole night!
Here are some pictures of our week...we are also busy getting prepared for her big birthday bash next Saturday...can't believe she will be 1!!!!

Couldn't make it through the rest of Sunday dinner!!
My little painter helper eating her treat for helping mommy and being such a good girl!

Little handprints for her Thank you cards!

What ya got cookin'?
Have all kinds of new recipes I want to try...these were a cinch and only a whooping 100 Cal. per roll.
CRESCENT Suprise Bundles
1 can of crescent rolls
8 snack size snicker bars
cream cheese frosting
Unroll crescent rolls and cut each roll into 2 pieces.
Cut each snicker bar into 2 pieces
place snicker bar piece onto roll and pinch dough all around chocolate to seal
bake at 350 for 12 to 18 min
drizzle on frosting
*I used regular vanilla frosting and it tasted fine..but I think I would like the cream cheese better.*

Right out of the oven and the frosting is melting! Yummy!

Yummy little bundle with something tasty inside

Melted chocolate and gooey carmel!
Try different candy bars, I am sure Milkyways and hershy kisses or Reeses Cups
would be great too!

Enjoying the evening playing with Posey her doll baby and
blowing raspberries and drooling all over!
AHHH, life with a 11 month old!
I just love her!