Thursday, December 08, 2011

A carved pumpkin and a BLONDIE moment

I am such a BLONDIE!!!! Those of you that have your posts set up to where you can see when someone puts a new post on would see I updated a new Fall post. Well I was so happy I got "New" pictures on...just to post and than scroll down and see I had ALREADY POSTED THOSE PICTURES!!!! ARRR!!!! Needless to say that 30 min went "Bye-Bye" with the simple push of a delete button! LOL So here are some NEW pictures! They are from October of her carving and painting her pumpkin....better late than never huh?

 She wasn't as thrilled about the Gooey stuff this year!!!

 Not sure what happened this year, but I did an awful job of carving her pumpkin.  But we made memories and that is what really matters.