Friday, March 09, 2007

My lil' bro's

This post goes out to my 2 Lil' bros!!! I love you guys! I am so proud of you. After Last weekend seeing you both about your ministry and serving God makes me so excited. I keep you in my prayers.
Brandon, I am so glad to see you serving God and seeing you use your passion of music for God, and also being able to use your love of Graphics to make you a little extra cash. I will be honest if you would have told me that you would be doing all this 10 years ago I would have tried to have been hopeful, but not sure it would work that way. I am so glad that you let go and let God do the work.
Justin, you are the shy one of us three, but I am so glad that God is slowly helping you get out of your shell and be a "Flame" for Him.
As your OLDER Sis, my heart swells when I see you minding God. I cry tears when you feel His blessing. And I say a prayer when I see you struggle. Always know I LOVE YOU both SO much and Will always be so proud of you!!!


Mom said...

I am so VERY proud of all three of you. God gave us wonderful children and we're thankful for how you're letting Him lead your lives.

I love all of you,

blondyluvzyou said...

This is a sweet post! :) Love you, Janella! Thanks for the birthday text today!

Martha C said...

Awwww! Good old "Beebo!" :-) We enjoyed seeing him in Feb.