Saturday, March 03, 2007

Outlook Makeover

Well I got to start by saying I couldn't be more greatful to God for answering so many prayers this last weekend. I will start from the beginng and try to keep it brief.
Back in December my old college friend Krista Mitchel Crabtree called me and left a voice mail and asked me to think about being involved in a teen girls ministry. I promptly forget considering the holiday activities, so then in Janurary she called again. I considered it over the weekend and felt this would be a path that God would want me on. Also my husband began to get excited and throw out ideas. I was thrilled to think that this was something Jonathan and I could do togather. So we decided to meet her and Lacy Crabtree and discuss the details of the upcoming Retreat on Feb 23 and 24. (Also on the board is Jennifer Glick, Jill Murray,and Kim Deaton)
Finally the day came and after much preperation we had 31 girls registerd we had our fist session with Sonya Vernon. From the start the Spirit just set down in our midst....Krista said it was amazing looking out over the crowd of girls with some of their hands in the air and tears steaming down their faces. I think the fact that the male gender was not present, allowed the girls to just let loose emotionally and spiritually and just worship God and open up their hearts to what God would want for them. After a touching message of "A Relationship with God" we had 3 or 4 at the alter. We board members agreed we could leave after the first service and say the Retreat was totaly what we had hoped and prayed for.
The evening progressed with several funny games including: Having to act out a fairy tale, WITHOUT saying a word. My team (THE WONDERFUL GREEN TEAM including: Edna and Elizabeth Hunt, Monna Cole, Whitney and Shannon, Elizabeth Wigger and Shelly Weaver) did "Cinderella" we won 1st place!! Then we had a clothes desinging game, where we were given a bag with fabric, glue gun, sissors and other tid-bits. We could use anything in the bag and also use other things we had on hand but had to get them approved. Our teams were split into 2 teams each. And after we designed our outfit we had to have one of us model our outfit and one read a discription. I was on Green Team 2 , All my girls did great. Monna and Shelly our models where MAA-rvalous!!!
After not very many hours of sleep, we headed into a new day with Speakers:Dalynda Crabtree, Elizabeth Welsh, Pam Kuhn, Rolin Mitchel, and Sis. Cole. Speaking on subject of Beauty, Dealing with past mistakes, what I can do for God, Rejection, Trust, and Living the Christian life. Each session the Lord just seemed to come in such a sweet way. I can't even translate into words how happy I was to sit in the service and see God just move thru the pews.
Fun-could only describe the afternoon activites. The Girls had fun giving each of their team leaders a Makeover with the clothes given to them. I had no idea what I looked like until I saw pictures later. *Grin*
Then it seemed the Devil was trying his hardest to defeat a snow/ice storm come in. Kind of ruined our "Brent Vernon" concert, but we still had about 20 their even after alot of girls headed home. We also were expecting a bigger crowd and along with that extra donations, but God still came thru and we closed the retreat "DEBT FREE" and give Brent a sizeable offering!!! Praise God!!!! My heart is just so full, and I am so excited to look to the future and what God might have for "Outlook Makeover" Please!!! We covet your prayers as leaders and mentors to these girls. Pray that God will give us direction to what we should do. Keep in touch with us and check out our web site....


Janette said...

Looks like you had a great time! May God bless every effort and use this ministry for His cause!

Tim and Kristina said...

What a great opportunity!!

Sharlyn said...

Great job, sis! Let me know when the next retreat happens and I will see if I can bring a load of girls--if it's open to more folks!