Sunday, March 25, 2007


Ok it is the end of March and time for an update on New Years Resolutions. (Just as a side note about proof reading if you were to check my original post on this subject; you would find I can't count. LOL)
1. Finish reading my bible thru by the end of August. (this is something I have never done and so want to do.)
Update: Doing well may have to move the date till December.
2. Get at least 20 books read this year.
Update:Not so good, only 1 book read starting on my second.
3. Send more cards to people on b-days, ann., encouragement etc.
Update: So-so on this one
4. Lose 2o to 30 lbs. (this is a yearly ritual.)
Update: I would like to say no comment if I am losing weight I want people to truly notice, not notice because I have told them.
5. Be more organized.
Update: Does getting togather 14 boxes of "Junk-n-clothes" ready for a garage sale count??
6. Pray more
Update: Find myself doing it more often then not at times, but we all have room for improvement.
7. Be a better wife. (that includes keeping my house cleaner.)
Update: Umm, should Jonathan comment on this?? I am trying to do better...Sorry Martha (Castle), cleaning is not my favorite past time. Not to mention laundry
8. Draw closer to God
Update: I am growing! Paise the Lord!
9. Get caught up on my scrapbooking.
Update: To date since Jan. I have completed approx. 52 pages!!! (I am so proud)

So how are you doing on yours??? I know this blog is a little silly, but I felt the need to blog and this subject was on my mind. Hope to hear from you. Have a good week!!!


Regi said...

52 pages???!!! What the smack? I haven't even done 1 i don't think. Of course right now I am working on quilting, but good grief!

Martha C said...

I guess it is strange that I love to clean, huh?! If you saw my house today, you might wonder. . . :-)
Good job on your resolutions! I'm sure you are doing better than a lot of people. You are certainly beating me in the scrapbook area. I am very tired after cleaning all the time. Ha!
Other than scrapbooking, I think I am hangin' in there with mine.