Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jenn's shower, Shopping goodies, a day at mom and dads

Last Saturday was Jenn's Personal shower. We had alot of fun decorating and preparing. Leah did a great job planning it all. And the rest of we bridesmaids chipped in. All but one of the brides maids were able to be there. I think Jenn enjoyed it too...even with a few embarassing gifts! (Sorry girl, but did you really expect anything less from me???) The "blushing Bride" and her mom

the sister-of-the-bride and also the Maid of Honor a.k.a. NanDigg in (Becky the sandwiches were delicious)
Mother-in-law to beEven lil' Emma enjoyed herself....especially the punch and the balloons!! I will never tell what's inside "That" box!!! HE HE!!!!

Bridesmaid Tanessa and Jennifer (this picture brings back memories of old Highschool pictures)

Tanessa's daughter Emma and Je-fer (as Emma says it)
Bridesmaid Leah
Bridesmaid Janella
Bridesmaid and cousin Kristel

After the shower mom and I went shopping, well Jonathan was in Terre Haute with his brother Steve and he was shopping too. Here are some of our purchases!!! We needed some new clothes and Jon DESPERTLEY needed dress shoes, I needed some wedding shoes and was able to splurge on another pair of shoes for Just $10!!!!!!

Wedding shoes and my $10 splurge!!! I love Bogo sales!! Jonathan keeps clicking his heels and saying..."there's no place like home" I can figure out why????
The new outfit....Got the 2 tops on Sat. Togather just a little over $20. My shoes $10...and a few weeks ago I got the skirt at CJ Banks for $10. Pretty good deal, I think!!
We also got several new shirts and ties for Jonathan....but to late to load anymore pics.

Tuesday night I headed to mom and dad's house. Mom was having a test done and I wanted to be there for her. (nothing to serious) Justin and Tasha were there for a little while so Mom wated to get some pics. Lets just say the boys were in Rare form!!! (Tasha is looking quite cute she is almost 7 months. Baby Madelynn is making sure Tasha knows she is in existence quite well!!!)

MY LITTLE BROTHERS!!!! I was once bigger than them. (but blessed to be smaller than them now.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is a "Grouper"?

The last two weekends we have gone to Terre Haute and enjoyed the company of my brother-in-law and his pool. Its one of those family style above ground pools and is about 3 1/2 ft deep. The second weekend Devan was there and we had alot of fun in the pool. He has turned into a regular little fish. He can do 3-4 continous flips under water....and he is learning to swim quite well. (Shame on me for not taking my camera) He and I reallly bounded this weekend. He was so excited to be able to swim at night. He and I were the last ones in the pool...I pretended I was an announcer and he was a showmanship swimmmer...and he really enjoyed that. I got scared at one point when I turned my back and He decided to start doing flips under water and when I turned around I couldn't see him...especially since it was dark. My heart about came out my mouth. But I saw him and pulled him up out of the water and he just thought I was crazy. I told him "Please don't go under the water when my back is turned, especially in the dark because I can't see you."

Well, we were taking a break sitting in the living room and we were talking about fishing. And Steve piped up and said he wished he could catch a "Grouper" (or something like that) I asked him what a Grouper was....and all the sudden Devan piped a very matter -of-fact tone..."it is a preditory fish that eats clown fish!" We all just kind of looked at him...shocked!!! I guess he has been playing some animal game on his "Leap Frog" learning system, and learned that little fact. We were just so shocked. I told him later how proud I was of him and How smart he was getting. Kids can amaze you with little facts that they have learned and tell you them at the exact moment that you least expect. Devan we love you and are proud of you...Good luck in 1st grade buddy!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

A long post..of what has gone on.

Ok so it's been a long time since I've blogged!!
Since then I have said Good-bye, for awhile, to ALL REGUlAR pop for 3 weeks now. I have to say I love my Fountain Coke and my Ice cold Mt.Dew. But for now I have been drinking Diet Sams Choice Cola and Big K's Diet Grape pop. And Kroger brand "Crystal light" Lemonade and Grape drink. Tonight I put 2 packages of the lemonade mix, water and ice and some sliced stawberries and put it in my blender. It was pretty good!!!!

The last weekend in June I got to go to Pilgrim Camp on Saturday night. I got to meet one of my best friends when I was a teenager, Nathan Ranke, his girls for the first time. Nathan is on his 3rd and final trip to Iraq. He had just came back for a few days leave and had just headed back the day before. His oldest girl had been told that when she got up the next morning "Daddy would be back at that night when she wouldn't go to bed, they asked her why she wouldn't go to bed. She said, "because IF I don't go to bed then daddy won't have to leave for work!" :( Let us remember our Troops and their families!
These 2 other little ones belong to another dear friend of mine...that I was close to during my camp days and have tried to keep in touch with thru the years.....Your children are darling Renee! (Emily and Austin)

In other news we paid off our "Granny Getter" It feels so good to have something PAID IN FULL!!!! Thanks to God for helping us pay this off.

JULY 4th~ Headed to Greenville, the Lavys house. We had a blast with several games of corn hole....4 intense games of volleyball.....several people hitting softballs.....riding the go-cart tack.....several rides on 4 wheelers (even a decent ride for my prego sis-in-law, in 1st gear. Yours truly was her driver...we had a very bonding time. LUV YA TASHA!!!)...and of course GREAT FOOD!!!!!

After leaving Lavy's, We headed for Dayton, OH. to start a little Romantic weekend for just Jon and I. We didn't really do anything for our 5 year this was making up for that. We had supper at one of our favs...Fuddruckers..and then ice cream at Friendlys.
The next morning we headed to Cincy...but not before a trip down memory lane and we went to Traders World a really neat Flea Market that I went to growing up. (Or as I over heard one little girl say to her mommy asking if she had ever been to a "Flea Farm")

JON'S Partner in crime!!!

When we got to Cincy...we went down to the docks and rented a was fun but hard work. We were going to go across the bridge to Newport...but with we being out of shape after about 5 min we realized we were not going to make it. Because of the steep incline!! But we had alot of fun riding around for an hour. Then we shared a cheap lunch at another favorite of ours Tumbleweed. Their Texas toothpicks and Chicken Burrito Queso style are delicious.
Then After checking in to our hotel and taking about 1/2 hour nap we headed back down to the docks and got on our "dinner cruise". On the Belle of Cinncinatti. (SP?) It was a romantic ride. A dinner of salad, cheese potatoes, Rolls, Green beand and Carrot mix, some kind of Herbed pasta salad, fried fish, grilled chicken and some kind of delicious steak. And cheese cake for dessert. Jonathan said the cheesecake was great. I was to full. Then we had non-alcholoic Strawberry Daquries. They were yummy and came in cute cups that we got to keep.
We got to see a beautiful sunset.....It was a wonderfully, romantic weekend! Jonathan, Thank you so much for being such a wonderful husband. Thank you for spoiling me and taking me on such a wonderful weekend. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!