Thursday, May 14, 2009

Growing even more!

(in this picture Katelynn had just moved really big and I was asking Jon if he felt her..just as my friend Elizabeth snapped the picture. It was a perfect picture and I love the expression on both of our faces.)

These pictures were taken last week (at 37 weeks). I now have approx 2 weeks left! Going to the doctor tomorrow and will be having an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. If they are to low they will take the baby. I am hoping all will be fine and I can go on my own free will! I am very excited...but also have that natural fear of...can I really do this? I know I can and only with God's help! I so want to be a Godly mother and I know that battle against the world will be a tough one. But I am learning that even for my own daily life the best place to stay is "on my knees". I know I will be there alot more once Katelynn gets here. Jon and I are dedicated to serving God and making our home a "haven". No we are not perfect...and may not measure up to what everyone thinks we should be. But we are seeking what God want for us as a new family! Pray for us as we began this new journey! One that we are so blessed and excited to travel together!


Melanie C. said...

Fantastic pictures! You will be so glad you have these! I did this with my neat! Can't wait to see pictures when your little gal makes her entrance!!!

Leah said...

Anxious to hear how things go today :)

Tim and Kristina said...

Great pictures Janella! Not too much longer, hope your drs. appt goes good. Enjoy this time, Breanna turned 1 Wednesday...the time goes by way too fast!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll will be great parents! Jason

Anonymous said...

That is a neat pix, where the baby moved!
This says anonymous. Sorry, but I can't remember my password.
Judith Atnip