Sunday, May 03, 2009

Less than 4 weeks left!

Today was a wonderful day at church! We had 3 ladies that have been coming to church for awhile all come to the alter! They prayed the sinners prayer and claimed forgivness! Please pray for one of the ladies, Lisa, she is an heavy whiskey drinker, and she has cancer. She is a very TINY woman and sickly. I don't think she really knows alot of God or what it means to be saved. But she testified to the fact that she felt like a heavy load had been dropped from her chest. Praise God for His peace that He brings!!! Than Shannon (who is Jon's sister whom I have talked about being one of our new converts and their grandkids going thru the custody battle.) she said, she had done this before but only half-hearted but this time she really ment it!!! And the 3rd lady Carol, she and her husband are good friends with Jon and Patti, she has been seeking God and testifying and came forward today and asked Christ into her heart! She really wants her husband to find Christ and not "sit back there on the pew" (Please pray for Darrel her husband that he will come to know Christ!) All 3 of these ladies have been on our prayer list and it's been exciting to see God work!!!!

Also this weekend we were able to pick up some shoes for Katelynn for about 2.50 a piece at Once Upon a Child. I think baby and kid shoes are priced CRAZY!!! I mean $9 for a pair of new born shoes??? She will be able to wear them what, 3 times, Maybe??? Used is the way to go!!

I love how small they look!!!
We got her 2 pair of white dress shoes in 2 different sizes, a new born or size 1 (don't remember which) pair of T-shoes and a cute little jean pair of shoes.

This shirt was made by my mom, it's quite comfy and giving me room to grow in these last final weeks.

36 weeks! Just over 8 months! I am counting down.
Please pray that she will turn, doctor says He believes she is still breech.
I go Thursday and have an ultrasound so hopefully she has turned her little head down.
If not I think a C-section might be in my future. I am trying to think positive...but I really want a normal delivery. I know when it's all said and done I will be happy just to have her in my arms!


Brenda said...

Cute shoes! It was good to see you again today!

Beth said...

Cute!...You look really good. I hope she turns for you. But you are right it does not matter once she is in your arms ;-)

Mindy said...

Lookin' good!:)

Leah said...

Can't wait to see her room and all of her stuff this week :) I just love all of those little items! You look great, Janella. Hope the ultrasound this week is good news!

Dani said...

Aunt Connie did a good job on your shirt!!

Nichole said...

C-sections aren't that bad - a healthy baby and mom is the goal! Congrats - saw your brother this winter. He had just been texted your little one's name. :)

Jenna Dewhurst said...
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Jenna Dewhurst said...

glad your church is growing and so excited for you guys!

mrstcd said...

This is Hannah's mom
Janella, you look beautiful! Remember, you CAN have a breech baby without a c-section. Alot of Drs. won't but, it can happen. I would encourage you to explore all your options-not just settle for what is expected.You can still have the birth you want, I've seen it happen. Hopefully, she'll turn soon for you, though.Best wishes for a safe and happy delivery! Remember, we were made to birth;)