Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Mothers day!

It's Mothers Day and I have been thinking of all the special "Mother's" I have had in my life and I just wanted to share how important and how blessed I feel to have them apart of my life. And also include some people I know who have become mothers here recently and wish them the happiest "Mothers day"

MY "Mama"

It goes without saying that my own mother has been the biggest influence in my life. She is a woman of Perfection and that expected we kids to do our best. But realized we were kids and we did mess up. I know she feels alot of times like a failure...but I want her to know that I love and appreciate and feel very blessed to have her as MY MAMA. I've seen her work with so many "kids" who are now grown adults and have families of there own and feel proud that my mother had a part of there life....and know that they were impacted by her. As a child and than as an teen and later a young adult she always allowed me to help her in many ways. Especially in the kitchen. Those are probably some of my biggest memories. Then her insistence on family devotions. I remember I used to hate it when she would stop during family prayer and say "I can't hear you...we are talking to let me hear you!" As a would take the pray right out of me! But as an adult it has helped me to really deepen my prayer life. Not so much to pray loud all the time but to really concentrate and get into my prayer as a serious conversation with Jesus. And I believe that was her goal. So thanks mom...getting ready to step into "motherhood" myself...I have been blessed to have you as an example. I love you!

Debbie Thompson
My wonderful Mother-in-law...I am so blessed by her..because she gave to me a wonderful husband! She is probably the hardest worker I know. Her daily schedule makes me tired just to think about it let alone to live it. But she is so compassionate about peoples hurts and feelings, she also bakes homemade sourdough bread (the best I might add.) and hands it out to people in need of encouragement, and I know she spends alot of time in prayer while she is pouring over her BEAUTIFUL flowers. If you are ever on your way to Cincinnati from Indianapolis area you pass right by her house and can see her beautiful flowers. (Kind of neat that all the years that my family made NUMEROUS trips to GBS that I was passing right by my future husbands house and didn't even know it. Isn't great and amazing how God works?) So Mom T, thanks for all you've done for me. You have taken me in as a daughter and loved me as your own. I can't thank you enough! I love you.

Becky Glick
This woman...has been like that "other mom" almost all my life! She is one of my best friends mom...and thus became very involved in my life. I can't thank her enough for all the countless conversations I have had and the many words of advice she has given me. She has also been a constant and best friend to my own mother and for that I am grateful. I have the utmost confidence in Becky as a spiritual woman who has a heart after God. I have seen her minister to crowds of people and in her quiet way reflect the love of God. I am blessed to have her in my life! Love ya, Becky!

Carol Russell (sorry no picture)
She is enjoying Mothers day in heaven....this woman was like a "Grandma" to me. She took so much time in my life. She would have me come over and clean her beautiful wooden cabinets and just listen to me talk about anything and everything. Then usually as payment she would either pay me or take me out to dinner or take me shopping and buy me something. She also taught one of my college classes and she was an awesome teacher. She never failed to boost my self-esteem and to let me know she believed in me and was praying for me. On few occasions she took my brothers and I and the Glick kids, and the Sheposh kids to the zoo. She insisted on us calling her Grandma Russell instead of Sis. Russell because she didn't want people to think she was catholic or a nun. In her last years I remember how hard it was to watch her go thru the stages of cancer and watch it eat away at her. I think my most memorable moment in her last days was getting ready to walk down the aisle on my wedding day and looking over and seeing her in the crowd. She had tried so hard to save her strength to make it to my wedding and she had done it. I remember tears coming to my eyes and feeling so honored that she was there. (I had told my mom in days earlier one guest that I wanted to be there more than anything was her.) She was such an inspiration and a influence to my brothers and I! So Lord, let her have a extra special mothers day there with you!

Several others come to mind and I will just mention them: All of my grandmothers, Andrea Gray, Patty Crosby, Shirley Herring, Becky Caplinger, Diane Ranke. And a host of other woman that have touched my life. My prayer is that I can be just as good of a woman, and a woman after Gods Heart as I believe these women have been. Happy Mothers day!!! I love and appreciate each of you!

Also a big Happy Mothers day:

To my wonderful Sis-in-Law Tasha and my BEAUTIFUL niece Madelynn

My cousin Rachel and her new son Timothy Wayne...sorry again no picture that is recent enough...I hope to have pictures of her and her new son soon!

And 2 of my wonderful friends Tanessa and her daughters Emma and Kaylee (sorry Tess if that's not spelled right.)

and Caroline and one of my favorite little guys Jonny Jr.!

And to all the rest of you Mom's out there...much love and have a wonderful mothers day.


Patty said...

Thanks for the sweet tribute to my mother. I was doing pretty good today about not crying untill I read that! She was a wonderful person and I was so blessed to call her Mom.

Mama said...

Thank you for all the beautiful words, dearest daughter. You're the world to me!!