Monday, June 29, 2009


Outside my window... it is dusk and alot cooler
I am thinking... About my little girl and what was going on a month ago...also that I have a ton of pics to organize and pages I want to scrap
From the learning rooms... have 4 weeks left being home and alot to get done...some decor hung choose, organized, ordered and hung up and scrapbooked.
I am thankful for...time off with my little girl
From the kitchen... we went out tonight...yummy Texas Roadhouse BBQ Chicken, Baked potato, salad, warm rolls with Cinnamon butter
I am wearing... in a jean skirt and a light pink top...I look awful!!!!
I am Bible....that is about the extent of my reading!
I am hoping.... To get scrapbooking done or at least organized tomorrow and take a nice walk with Katelynn in the stroller
I am creating... scrapbook pages in my head and figuring out what pictures I want where
I am praying.... God will continue to help me as I try to be the best wife, mother and homemaker I can be for my family.
Around the house.... Things are a little messy but it's only Monday
One of my favorite things... cuddles and naps with Katelynn..only 4 more weeks f the napping. And hugs from my hubby


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