Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I've been reading! (OVER and OVER.....)

Jonathan and I started a tradition for Katelynn.  Last year and this we have bought her a Christmas book.  I found this one on Borders website and it was only $6.99.  I also had a $5 off coupon off ANY   in-store purchase.  SO...I headed off to Borders bookstore a few weeks before Christmas and picked this book up.  It was PERFECT for her age.  Short and Sweet.  Have I mentioned she LOVES books.  Little did I know that this book would quickly become her FAVORITE book.  I think I read it on average about 6 times a day!  Plus, she sleeps with the book!!!
The book is really cute...talking about a mouse telling everyone in the stable that SOMEONE is coming to this house.  And the animals (in response to the mouse) began cleaning up the barn for Mary and Joseph.  I would be embarassed to read it for you due to the fact I try my best to change my voice for each animal.  My husband gets into it some too...but not as much as me.  He gives me the "you're crazy" look as he sits across the room while I read it to Katelynn.

I am so happy she loves to look/read books and loves books being read to her.  But this book, I must confess, get's hidden at times so I don't have to read it for the 10th time that day!!!
But I am happy I picked a winner this year!