Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Photoshoot...with my Baby!

Being home now gives me alot of time to do some things I really love and one is


I am not an expert...but I am learning from 3 different photographers I know.

Here are my results from a Christmas photo shoot I had with Katelynn

Still learning to play around with most of these pictures are untouched.  We had alot of fun taking them...and Katelynn did quite well for mommy, in between wanting to see about every shot.

 I love the tender look she has here.
*this one I did play with the staturation a bit...for you Photoshop junkies*
Adding the Christmas ornament really helped me to keep her attention and matched her dress perfect! 

 My little cheeser

 This is the UNTOUCHED pic of the 1st one I showed you.

Adding a friend in the picture...she loves this snowman and plays with it many times during the day. 
It is one of the few Christmas decor she is allowed to play with.

And again, the BIG smile I love to see!!!

In Christmas Awe!

My total favorite of them all!!!  She did the knee and hand thing all on her own!



Mindy said...

Such cuteness! I love photography too! Just need a really good camera.;) You did a great job!

Leah said...

These turned out good, Nella! It's so neat to see the things you have time to do now and see you enjoying being with your little girl =)

Stephanie said...

Love these! You did such a good job!