Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Pumpkin Roll time

This time of year I am always very busy making lots of pumpkin rolls.  It started back about 4 years ago when a man at my old job heard me talking about my pumpkin rolls and asked if I would make him one if he paid me.  I told him "Sure"...then other people thru the years got wind that I would make them.  Last year I think I made about 10.  This year I made 17 total.   I had 13 orders and then 2 for our thanksgiving..but I had 2 that turned out bad. (one split apart and another burned a bit.)  Let's just say my hubby loves when that happens because than he doesn't have to wait till Thanksgiving dinner to eat one.  I on the other had hardley want to eat one at all.  I did eat a few bites already to taste test them...YUMMY!!!
*just as a note, I have choose for now not to share my recipe..due to the fact that I am selling them*

Pumpkin Rolls cooling

 Beautiful...and YUMMY!!!

(Hey, I never claimed to be a NEAT cook)
 My little girl was AWESOME!!!!  She entertained herself..even by putting herself in her Daddy's shoes!
I was cooking from about 6:30 a.m  till about 5 p.m we took breaks to run to the store for sugar, eat lunch, read books before naptime, and then ate supper together.  (this mommy felt VERY guilty for not playing with her today...but I understand that things got to get done some times.)
 We had some unexpected visitors.  My dear friend Caroline was on her way to her mom and dad Thanksgiving and needed a potty stop for her boys.  She stayed for a bit, and just in time for Katelynn to wake up from her nap and share some kisses with Jonny!  (and Blakey too...he wasnt too sure at first then he started after her with a HUGE smile on his face!  To bad I didn't get that on camera.)
 If you look real close...you can see Powder Sugar on her chin and nose...she was crawling around under the table while I was rolling up the Pumpkin rolls. (I have to put Powder sugar on the towel I roll the pumpkin roll up in..so thus the sprinkling of powder sugar on her.)
 WHEW!!! I am done...and one delivered already!


6 lbs Powder sugar
2 lbs butter
11 lbs cream chees
4.5 doz eggs
8 lbs sugar
6 lbs flour
6 lbs pumpkin


Caroline said...

LOVE the stats :) And all the pics!! Love and missing you already!!