Friday, November 12, 2010

My first 2 weeks

Wow, I didn't know that I would love being a Stay-at-home-mom SO MUCH!  It is amazing!  And as much free time as I might seem to have the days still seem to go by fairly fast! 
Katelynn and I are still trying to get into a schedule...for the most part we have it down...but with a bit of improvision here and there.  BEING FLEXIBLE as a mom is something I am continuing to learn! 

Katelynn is for the most part ALL girl.   She loves her doll and likes to take it to bed with her, to church, in the car and pretty much everywhere.  And the doll changes from day to day.
This day she choose one of the last dolls that I got for Christmas as a little girl.  When I first introduced Katelynn to her, she was about 8 months...she was very scared of her!  Wouldn't even come to me when I was holding the doll...thats how scared!
Now she drags her all over...she's a bit of a bigger doll so its cute to watch her try and lug her around!
Here they are watching a movie together

Need I say again how much of a girly she is???  She gets in my closet where I keep my purses and drags them out all the time.  Plus she has a couple of her own and is getting a couple more for Christmas!

Here she is just before nap time giving another one of the baby dolls I had growing up a ride.  The 1st "Baby Alive"...I loved her as a kid and she was one of the 2 baby dolls I kept.  We had changed her into a little nightgown I had...Katelynn loved going through all of the little clothes and Barbie dolls I had kept.  I felt she was old enough to play with them and was excited myself to get out some old toys that I had played with growing up.  Lots of memories came back!

Our first week home together was cold, but it was sunny and she wanted to go outside so bad.  So I bundled her up and we went out and played for was so worth it!
Taking a break sitting on her pumpkin
Mamaw and Papaw Thompson gave her a pumpkin before Halloween, and I wanted to get it carved sooner..but with working and our short evenings I knew I would be more stressed about getting it done and getting the mess cleaned up. And worrying wether or not she would even like it or not and trying to keep her involved and the list could go on as to reasons why I didn't do it.  So I decided we would do it during the day.
She was all about digging the seeds out!  I was pretty suprised but happy that she was not turned off by the ickyness nor the goopiness.  She had so much fun, but I was glad I had put the towels down.  There were seeds everywhere!
Pulling out pumpkins mouth
And the end result!  I was pretty pleased with my cutting skills and keeping a 1 year old away enough so she wouldn't get cut...but could still be involved.
And he's lit!!
(And yes, he is sitting on the toilet!  I didn't have anyother dark places in my house at the moment and I wanted Katelynn to get the whole effect from cutting, carving and lighting him.)
A slide from Mamaw and Papaw!
And we have a Kids porch swing from Mommy and Daddy for her 1st birthday.
And  Kids teter-totter that Jonathan found for FREE when he was running his UPS route, so he drove back the the persons house after work and it was still He loaded it up!!!  (Thank You GOD for little blessings.)  So aside from the fact we do not have that much of  a yard and a pond in our back yard. (mommy's nightmare!!)   She has a LOT to play with!!!
Then Last Sunday my mom was baptised.  Anyone that knows my mom, she is TERRIFIED of water!
I was SO proud of her for overcoming her fear and going thru with a very Special Moment in the life of a Christian.
On a lighter note...Katelynn proceeded to say, "Nana" over and over when she was speaking, and when papaw gave the scripture reading she shouted his name out too!  Cute ( I guess) but we are trying to get her to learn to whisper in church!  A HUGE challange!  Thankfully she is not really talkitive so she is not to bad!
We Enjoyed some time with Papaw and Nana Hilligoss after the baptismal!  She enjoys being with her Grandparents!

2nd WEEK!

We were able to enjoy several picnics this week!  It was so much fun!  I keep telling myself, next summer she is not going to be this little and is going to be alot more independent and I will not have some of these Precious "Little little" girl moments!  I am holding back tears as I write...thinking back on this week and the precious moments I have had.  I am so blessed...when I look at her I can't believe that she is mine!!!!  I have the rest of my life to have so many "moment's" with her!!!  She is so precious!  I am loving that I get those times when she drops what she is doing and comes and wants a hug or a cuddle then she's off running and playing again!  Wow, I never knew how these "mommy/parent moments" would be so amazing!!

We made Banana popcicles!  They were very healthy and pretty good.  Katelynn loved eating them.  ALL BY HERSELF!!!!

I was Thanking God for the beautiful days He gave us!  Due to me working all summer and getting home late...I bearly got anytime to play outside with her.  I was thankful Mamaw and Papaw Thompson made sure she got alot of time outside...but I really missed being able to do it MYSELF!   I think God did it just for me so I could make some memories with her outside!  We had so much time!  And I have her Snow suit and Boots ready for when we get the snow!!!  As much as I kind of dislike HUGE snowstorms...I am so looking forward to playing in it and sledding with her!!!!

So there you have it my first 2 weeks at home.  We also visited "Wiz" (Lizzie Dennis) 2 times and had a mini phot shoot (will post pics), spent time at the hospital with Grandpa Thompson who had Gallbladder surgury, and had "Auntie" Caroline visit us too!  I have also tackled our garage and am almost done with it. (will post pics later) I have organized most of the dresser drawers in our bedroom, Kitchen drawers, and linen closet (Yea, feels good to purge!)   I also have a few crafting things I am working on too! (pics soon to come on this too!)
(P.S.  By the way I made a wonderful Candybar cheese cake (snicker bar) when Caroline came!  Oh My goodness it was so delicious!  I didn't even get a picture!  But it is a do over that is for sure!  but I will probably tweek it a bit.  Due to my hubby not liking all the chocolate.  But Oh man did Care and I LOVE it!!!!)


Madi's Mama said...

Congrats on getting to be a SAHM mom full time Janella!! :) Isn't it fun? Looks like you guys are having a great time and staying busy! :) She is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having so much fun! Lets get together one day. I would love to see you all again!! :)